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  1. Hi Brig I have read all your posts well almost all of them and find it comforting, many many thanks for your reply I will do this tomorrow as I am at work till late this evening, I offered to pay what I owe and he wanted to pass it onto the home visit team for gbp 65 , I am scared but we will see what happens xx
  2. Hi All I am still being chased by these muppets I received a copy of the agreement from them not an original, which shows I owed gbp 45.31 I know there would be interest on it they are asking gbp 107.31 I have been batting emails back and forth and told them I will pay gbp 45.31 and nothing else, I did lose my temper and said a few things I probably shouldn't lol and then today I had an emails from Mathew saying he was my account manager I told him exactly the same and he was refusing to back down to the point where he said he wouldn't deal with me anymore and has passed my account to the home visit / legal team for possess ??? surely he meant process told him to bring it on I will sue them for trepass report them for harassment as its a criminal offence and call the police as they have no legal obligation to turn up at my home without my consent which they will never have, I also told them if they want to take it to court for the balance of gbp 65.31 they will be laughed out of court by the judge fed up of the emails now just wondered what to do next, I will pay what I owe and nothing more what letters should I send as I will ignore all emails, I don't really want them to come to my house I have threatened them today help !!!! I am worried
  3. Hi renegade I will do that tomorrow the reason I'm scared is that I work shifts and I don't want them to call in the evening when I'm at work will post a reply if I get one do they read emails that people send Thanks for your help
  4. Hi phil Not at the moment they have sold this debt to Mackenzie hall who then sold it to MMF one min I think for Gbp 107 they won't call the next min I panic about it to be honest I have dealt with worse but I'm getting to the stage where I need to sort this out I am getting to old to worry about it hope you get your sorted
  5. and by the way we don't have cats in our street only big dogs one of which I have is a German shepherd l
  6. I have emailed them and told them I will only deal with them in writing and I will forcibly remove them as they are trespassing these emails have have been since August I keep jumping up when I see people drive past or walk past silly really, I have had dealins with a few DCAS and as yet none of them have turned up , my 9 year old grandson live with us and. Don't want him scared if anything happens I have had no response to my emails shall I send letters recorded or will they just ignore them too Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all I need help too I am being harassed and threatened by thee muppets for GBP 107 owed to LS being threatened several times by doorstep visit so scared they will turn up but really for GBP 107 I don't think so ,they called my mobile and work told them the person they were after wasn't on these numbers so they removed them, I don't want them turning up at my door is there anything I can do to prevent this I will pay but on my terms they have ignored my emails
  8. Hi With reference to the above claim, I have defended all can you tell me what will happen next please really worried about this , thanks in adavance
  9. I don't think it will the ppi was only between four and six pound a month, got most of the statements from the beginning tho but not later ones
  10. Do you think we should just accept it and offer a plan to pay as we cannot afford in one go, we not disputing we owe it but they have put a lot of late payment and over limit fees on also there is ppi on it but if we chase for that aqua surely would claim it back I'm so confused dont know which way is best Thankyou for your time by the way
  11. We have not received any letters from Howard Cohen as promised when they called three weeks ago they have not even offered us to sort out a plan the credit amount was for Gbp 750 taken out in 2009
  12. Hi Date is 3rd jun, the reason is as below This claim is for the sum of 1438.50 in respect of monies due from the defendant under a regulated credit agreement pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974 This debt was legally assigned to the claimant and a notice of such was provided to the defendant The defendant failed to make contractual payments in accordance with the terms of agreement. A default notice has been served upon the defendant pursuant to section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 The claimant claims the sum of 1438.50 which is inclusive of interest
  13. I have tried to log in on line but its telling me my claim or password is incorrect, could be that I'm on an iPad Thanks DX
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