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  1. that's what i thought after reading through comments but wanted to be sure they just like to think they are clever and that if they make threats or make it sound like they are bailiffs we will bow down to them - not this person, i Will report them,
  2. i am also being harassed by JOL (or JOL Court Bailiff Limited as their logo is on letters). it all started when onecall said they were doubling the cost of our insurance for apparent non-receipt of no claims proof; this led to a complaint as had been sent to them - 3 complaints later they finally acknowledged our complaint, then cancelled our insurance while investigating complaints. we disputed amount owing and have referred complaints to FOS. JOL are now threatening Court Action which they say may result in an attachment to earnings or warrant of entry to seiz
  3. thank you so much fork-it. as I/my flatmate didnt receive a responce when asking them to confirm their charges and that they are lawful what would you suggest? I'm split between giving them a chance to confirm that they are / remove the charges or just report them under the fraud act? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you dx, i will look through the stickies properly. He still has the payment details for the court so will make payment at the weekend when he gets paid. I wasnt sure if we could revoke them coming round, but thought it was worth putting in in case. If anyone else can give any advice we would really appreciate it.
  5. Hello all, I'd really appreciate some help as I dont know what to do. Apologies for the length but I want to be sure I fully explain the situation so you can help me / us. My flatmate has received a fine for criminal damage in 2008, due to moving house at that time he didnt have all of the details to pay it and forgot about it too. Since we have been living together we managed to get all the information required and have been making payment, to begin with he was not working and so agreed to a benefit deduction of £10 every 2 weeks, he received a letter 'Application for benef
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