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  1. My apologies if this has been asked 100 times before...i have searched... I rent a house to 2 people i work with. For a long time, letters have been coming to my address to someone that doesnt live here. I put it down to the last owner of the house having some 'stragglers'...until i opened one. It was for a new bank account, containing a credit card. I left the open letter on the coffee table. The next day, there was a note left saying "Guys, please don't open any more letters addressed to ......, as they are for me" Alarm bells rang. I quizzed my female housemate as to why someone is opening an account to my address, to which she replied "it's ok, it's just the one account, i wanted to get an iphone". Stupidly, i didn't persue it. From then on, any letters addressed to this guy that came, i opened. Each one was from a bank saying "You have reached your credit limit of £2000, please pay us our money". I now have 12 different debt collection notices from different people. I phoned the banks fraud teams, stated that person has never lived at my address, and how the hell were they able to open an account? I thought you had to have proof of address? They couldn't give me a straight answer. I went to the police, who flatly told me "sorry sir, we no longer deal with fraud, please call this number..." I called the fraud advice line who said "sorry sir, as it's not in your name specifically, then no crime has been comitted so really we cant do anything" Next thing, i'm getting letters from the DVLA, and tax discs for this guys car. Is there anything i can do? I dont want to be answering the door to a different set of bayliffs every week? The thing is, the guy has tried to redirect the mail from my house, it shows the address he's currently living at and i have the registration of his car. I have letters that show he's run up at least £20K of debt and isnt paying it, and nobody seems bothered at all! He's the boyfriend of one of my tenents mother. How should i proceed?
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