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  1. Please continue to, as you say “slag me off” JonCris. I make no apology and have no regrets relating to my initial post with regard to the many spam posts on CAG and MSE all to the same site. I would go as far as to say that subsequent events have clearly shown that my post was justified. Following my initial post highlighting the sadly obvious attempts to post links to a certain site, all attempts to spam links to that site on both CAG and MSE mysteriously, ceased with immediate effect. A co-incidence?
  2. Yes peterjm that is indeed a picture of my very handsome self, taken directly my from MSE profile. I wish I was able to return the courtesy of posting your picture, from your MSE profile. Unfortunately, as you are aware peterjm, this is not possible because all of your posts were and your profile was deleted as a result of your continued spam posts.
  3. My agenda is that I am sick and tired of reading spam for your site
  4. THESE POSTS HAVE BEEN MOVED BECAUSE THEY WERE HIJACKING ANOTHER THREAD AND NOT CONTRIBUTING. Here is an answer for you (ryde/enoughisenough), you keep spamming links to your blog/site on here and MSE You use different user names in an attempt that even stevie wonder could see to bypass the rules of each site regarding spamming and posting unauthorised links. NOTE WHEN DIRECTLY CHALLENGED - HE LOGS OFF
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