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  1. I have actually looked into that...and I can't file it myself from here, I have to be living in Canada or have a Public Trustee there file it for me. I'm trying to go the Consumer Proposal route (it's actually less of a run around than bankruptcy - which is actually very expensive). The problem is, the Public Trustee isn't sure if they can file it for me. I will hopefully know tomorrow. I'm worried that if they can't file it, I'm back to square 1 with no idea what my options are. The last thing I want to happen is to have some debt collector arrive at my door in three years time deman
  2. I have no assets, but don't want to declare bankruptcy in the UK. I have always had a very good credit rating - what is happening now is awful. I'd like to leave it where it is (in Canada) if I can't settle, it and carry forward here - I haven't accrued any debts here. It's not that I haven't tried to pay it. It's just impossible now. Any other thoughts?
  3. So, without asking for advice, what are my options here and what can I do? Is my debt, $78,000 Canadian, worth coming after? I do appreciate your comments. I'm so lost here.
  4. 15% would be about £7000. If a debt collector came after me here for that, would I be able to settle in on a payment plan (sorry, never done this before!) and any idea how long it would take the Canadian bank/debt collector to sell my debt to one in the UK?
  5. Also, will they still be able to sell my Canadian debt to a UK debt collector?
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. I had previously looked at your post, but I find the legislation very confusing, especially between the two countries. This hasn't gone to debt collection yet. I have just defaulted on my first payment, and about to default on my second. It is still in the banks hands. So I have already told them I live in the UK, and given a phone number here (they called my sisters house in Canada). I don't think I gave them my address but I don't remember. I tried to change my address on line, but it won't allow me to give a UK address. So I don't think they
  7. I am Canadian, but I have been living in the UK for the past year. I have $78,000.00 unsecured Canadian debt, which I have been paying for the last four years (student debt). Over the past four years I have paid over $50,000.00 towards it and it hasn't touched the principle balance. My situation has changed and I am no longer able to pay what I've been paying. I have tried to consolidate within the bank, and they have declined because it is unsecured. I have spoken to debt consolidation agencies, who won't help me because I live out of the country. I have now tried deali
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