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  1. Hiya, I appreciate any help that I can get with this natwest bank closure issue and i'll try and keep it as brief as possible: I got scammed (job [problem] which i believe to be an escrow [problem]) earlier in July A transaction of £911.00 was place into my account As part off the 'job' i transferred £426 to Western Union and 312 to my natwest credit card As soon as i realised it was a [problem] i notified the bank (this occurred on the same day about two hours after the funds left my account) I managed to get the transaction reversed from western union minus the £26 transaction fee I tried to reverse the natwest credit cards but they said that my account had been frozen I attempted to maintain contact with the fraud team but i was consistently fobbed off, i sent them the emails detailing the [problem] and made several attempts to replace the funds. On two occasions a debt collection agency came to retrieve my bank cards and cheque books *despite notifying natwest that i would be in Italy and never receiving a letter in regards to my bank account closure. I recently received a letter asking me to repay my student overdraft within 21 days which was not possible I attempted to make a payment plan within that time but yet again i was told that it would not be possible as my account has been transferred to the debt recovery team. I have contacted the financial ombudsman but i have yet to receive a reply from natwest I really do appreciate any help you can give me atm i'm stuck and cluseless....thank-you any way for reading this long thread
  2. Hiya, My credit rating has swiftly been diminished over this summer but if you open a cash(current) account with metro bank they do not have to do a credit check I got my new account and the staff were really friendly and understanding there...hope it helps.
  3. Oookies this is my first post on this forum so i'm sorry if its in the wrong place but i am absolutely stuck and need as much advice as i can get i'll keep it as short as pos. Basically.... I have a Santander current account with no overdraft on the 24th of July my friend paid £240.00 into my account Around the 2nd of August Santander froze my accounts and asked me to prove the origin of the transaction by getting a bank statement from my friend. He is abroad at the moment (i'm a uni student and its summer holidays) and he wont be back til october Santander have also informed me rudely over the phone that they do not want to continue a 'personal relationship' with me and consequently have decided to close my account but even though i requested i have yet to receive any written confirmation. This has affected my wages at work as the said that there would be no problems with money coming into the account just issues of me withdrawing it I really need access to my funds to pay my rent so any help is greatly appreciated Thank you x x
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