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  1. Hi all sorry if this thread has already been done had no luck as yet in finding answers to the following Questions. Some time back I received a phone call from a company,(cant recall who been to bed since then), who claimed that it was now possible to go after the mortgage brokers who were economical in their searching for suitable second mortgages due to the favourable "secret Commissions" that they received from certain unscrupulous companies , which have been mentioned within you excellent site. Question is does anyone have any idea on whether:- A) its possible B) Is it possible to reclaim the secret commission?
  2. does any one know where Empingham are based has the address they give is a P.O. box at the main postal delievery office
  3. morning Caggers read this one and i have to say that empingham are now using badly recorded messages to get you to call them, press 1 if you are the person they require, press 2 if you are not the person but can you pass a message on to person 1recorded
  4. the company (we fight any claim) were chasing up on a ppi claim against welcome finance the initial payment was for their soliciters and the second about two weeks later was after i filled in the paper work and was a percentage of the money that i was suppose to be getting for the initial miselling however has i had heard nothing from them they claimed that they had not recieved the paperwork in which they were claiming and couldnt progress until thay had it too hand. I did query where thay got the figure for the second payment and they said it was a guesstimate or words along that line
  5. hello first time user so dont know if this is in the right area, im in a bit of a bind at the moment but had a company that i thought might help called, [edit] paid up front but got no where with them have made two payments on my card had the one refunded but the original one for their solicitors they say i cannot not have back. due to all the work that they have done but i did notice that their address is the same has yes loans. any help would be appreciated ray at home
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