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  1. 100% agree there Ell-en and apreciate the artistic embellishments to liven things up cher.!
  2. Thank God for that at least 2 left. So cher if they're ending your arrangement what do your payments revert to? the whole things nonsensical the arrangement ends when the debts repaid otherwise it was initially feckin' pointless.
  3. Well that was the kiss of death. Why,s" it all quiet on the Acenden front " have all fellow combatants been liquidated ,,am I the sole survivor,the last man standing? If so the message is, theres still no surrender I'll go down fighting.
  4. This is a blurb from a claims company as many may be faced with mortgages with this crew running into retirement and the consequent affordability and as you may have received little if any advice from the "regulated brokers" who sold you this product in the first place,there may be grounds to claim a missale. Its not the best written piece I've seen but the principles may be well founded and worthy of investigation. Just GOOGLE ;lending into retirement and see what it throws up,this article was extracted from the search. Mortgages in to retirement may have resulted in you being mis
  5. The question begs to be asked and its a big one,one of the regulatory rules think its mcob 4 specifically deals with affordability and lending into retirement when granting loans,this factor was obviously not considered at all by the broker or the lender(represented by Acenden) there is some question of an unenforceable agreement here and such was proclaimed by the fos sometime ago in similar circumstances.Will try and find it and post it up for your consideration to see if it applies here,if you make a complaint to the fos could buy you time and delay things considerably,its free and you may
  6. We must keep this thread going, the more people it reaches in the google rankings the more people it can help,to let it die will give the pariahs a huge victory so please keep making contributions thats the only way we can cause them damage and the more contributions the more prominent the site and the more people become aware of what is available. This thread with the spml thread has now been going 3 years and many personal victories have been won. The knowledge is here most things have been debated through so please continue to make contributions,the object is to help as many as possible
  7. Hurray a victory for someone at last,stef you could use this judgement for previous years as well. Its unbelievable that Acenden try these things on and hope to get away with it.Watch their charges for costs for the court,have they any right to claim these?in fact you should get yours.
  8. Ell-enn I agree totally in fact the FSA (god bless 'em) gave a directive specifically that arrears fees/charges were not to be added to the mortgage account.
  9. Is there any chance that all who post here and have posted on the old spml thread please contact their MP then post the name of the MP you have contacted and I will write a letter to them all copied to each one of them. ASKING WHY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE AND WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO BE DONE REGARDING THE CONTINUAL ABUSE OF THE CONSUMER PERPETRATED BY ACENDEN INSTEAD OF THEM RECEIVING USUAL BRUSH OFF FROM THE FSA WHO HAVE ACTUALLY REGULATED FAR LESSER OFFENDERS AFTER NEARLY 3 YEARS THIS SIMPLY JUST HAS TO STOP..
  10. Stef could be very wrong but it seems to be saying if you don't pay on time by the due date they can enforce the mortgage ie repossess you or take proceedings for such.
  11. Ell-enn You have had several years now of success saving many people from eviction from these administrators and group of companies so you can appreciate the depth of the problems. Is there any likelihood of CAG running a campaign as they are currently doing with Swift to actually put pressure on the Regulators the FSA to actually regulate these firms. Far lesser offenders have been fined such as gmac redstone etc.for levying excessive administration arrears charges of less than half of what Acenden charge,the FSA state they are aware of Acenden to borrowers MP's who contact them b
  12. Thanks for the info and download mercyblue it may help people who have faced difficulty if they can quote this. This was posted on post 52 and follows on on this thread from there. "Hi all I spoke with these morons again today to make a payment and as I am in arrears still they tried to make me discuss my re[payments with them the moron who I was speaking to tried to tell me that my next payment was as directed by the court and that it had to be £74 over the mortgage payment. He was not helpful when I explained that there are payments being made by the DWP of £55.00 and the alo
  13. Which lenders t and c's are these? as those who've been refused a date change and there are many would be able to quote this but beware the words "may request" ie as to be expected its discretionary.
  14. Acenden Capstone mortgage services An important announcement for all ex employees. Be a hero to 100000 abused borrowers many of whom will lose their home . Let the powers that be know of their business model.we have a national newspaper on our side. POST YOUR STORY HERE WITH CONFIDENTIALITY.
  15. Just received this by email: Something most knew but nice to hear confirmation from the horses mouth as it were. Author: Blowingthewhistle Comment: Sadly you all look like you only know half the story. I used to work for Capstone in the shall we say customer service department. That was the official title anyway. Ok a quick run down There are very strict managerial instructions stating that payment date changes are not allowed. We were also not allowed to change accounts to interest only. We were actively encouraged to do everything to ensure that an account falls into ar
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