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  1. ok thats great, i have the letters somewhere i will be keeping them all, thanks again! its really appreciated.
  2. ok guys a little problem ive lost the letter that hfo sent me with the barclaycard account number on it and i have no other documents with the number on and the letter sent from turnbull doesnt has it either but i need it to send the SAR tomorrow, i thought maybe i should phone hfo because i have the case number from them and ask for it, is there another way???
  3. ok so i send this to barclaycard? because the last letter came from turnbull and i havent heard off barclaycard for years, or shall i send it to both
  4. no the only thing i sent was the prove it letter to HFO which they ignored, just need a copy of what letters to send now and where to send them please. again thanks for all the help, its a relief to have this site
  5. hey guys turnbull and rotherford solicitors have sent me a letter, stating that they have been instructed by HFO to recover the amount outstanding and if i dont get it to them in the next 14 days they are taking the litagation route and will take me to court, HOWEVER it also states on this letter that hfo bought the debt in may 2006. how should i act on this????
  6. hi i wonder if any of you can help my girlfriend and i work for the same company selling media services, on our dinner break we were chatting on facebook and i was telling her i hate the job and she was saying she feels the same but we have to stick it out. they were monitoring our screens and pulled us to one side and let us know that we were dismissed, we fought my girlfriends corner saying she was a good employee and had worked there for 13 months, she hasnt had any warnings in the past and i had already planned to leave as i have another job lined up any ways but she wants to take it further. does she have a case????
  7. what about postal order charge im worried that will be credited as acknowledgement of payment, these HFO twats are a right pack of barstewards, any other advice in the meantime?
  8. just seen the sar in the above thread (sorry lol). will send that asap, so i just sign it but cros through my name?????? :s
  9. ok thats great guys can u send me a copy of the SAR, do i send that HFO???
  10. hey guys have just checked the new replies. just got a 72 hour litagation notice telling me they are taking me to court, also attached a list of her majesties service court rules, e.g what will happen etc. they are asking me to get in touch within the next 48 hours or they are going ahead with this. can you send me any more letters i should send to them with and more help or advice on what to do now. I havent sent them anything yet. thanks alot
  11. ok coledog thats great il keep you posted and thanks for all the help again
  12. hey guys, im confused now, what if i ignore them and it makes things worse, could it make things any worse to send the prove it letter?
  13. the complaints are in guys, i just wanna say a big help for all this advice. with regards to telling them i only want contacting by post whats the next step after ignoring this letter.
  14. no, no one has ever made any payments to them any payments that i have made were directly to barclaycard. for now i will ignore them untill they next contact me, i was just worried with the information they have and them threatning the way they have that i was going to be in a world of trouble.
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