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  1. I had a vehicle removed from a garage because the mechanic had a rent despute with the landlord. The landlord removed several vehicles in order to sell/retain in lieu of payment but had mine crushed straight away as it had little resale value, Police not interested although I reported vehicle as stolen. I am still the RK how do I stand?
  2. All good for me I suppose! Thanx sam!
  3. No sam it wasn't taxed, the only thing i could think of was, if it was built before the end of December 1972 it holds tax exempt status, but don't you still need a 'FREE' tax disc to be legal?
  4. OOhhh! what's happening? The suspense is killing me!!
  5. **UPDATE** The car is back in the dealers garage for the ECU repair, no mention of a charge for the work but we will see when the work is complete what they say!
  6. Surley if you hand over revenue to the full value of a vehicle YOU are the owner, If you then give said vehicle to someone else to use on a long term basis to which they register it, then THEY are the registered keeper, I believe it states on the V5 doc. that possetion of the V5 does not prove ownership or vehicle.
  7. Thanx again sam, Will have to wait till the B/H is out of the way so it will be tuesday before i can speak to them.
  8. Thanx Wheeler geezer, would rather have it repaired as we rather like the car, but if that's what it comes to it's nice to know we have that option open to us, plus if we reject the car we have no transport for work etc.
  9. Thanks Sam, It is not a Vauxhall dealer just an independant motor trader, he usually deals with cars less than 5 years old, but sold the Astra as he alledgedly 'new it's history'!
  10. I had my 1973 Range Rover clamped outside my house, it was displaying no tax disc and was not SORNd, While i was out the vehicle was clamped and then unclamped 4 hours later, with no note, fine or any other correspondance from the DVLA. What's that all about?
  11. We have owend this car for approx 5 weeks! Sorry i meant to put that in the original post.
  12. We bought a second hand car (X reg 1.4 Astra LS 16v) from a dealer for the sum of £1750 + P/X of old car, The car came with a 12 month MOT, !2 month warranty and a full service. The dealer told us they had sold the car when it was 6 months old to an older gent and that it had been serviced by the dealer ever since, and as they knew the car so well they were selling it on, as the car only had 52,000 on the clock we thought the story was plausable. The dealer told us the car had a misfire which would be 'sorted' before we collected it and the timing belt would be replaced as part of the service. Since then the car has been back to the dealers garage for the rear crank seal to be replaced (which they did begrudgingly), The battery has blown all it's cells which had to be replaced by the RAC at a cost to us (£70) and now, after a trip from Yorkshire to Dorset, the E.C.U. is acting up cutting off fuel when the E.C.U. gets too hot? How do I stand with statutory rights, what can I demand of the dealer and can I claim back the cost (part or all) of the battery, (If he serviced the car for the best part of 10 years he should know if the battery is in good condition or not)? Any help/advice would be appreciated, Thanx
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