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  1. After my email to Stephen Hester I was contacted by someone on their Executive Concerns team who was very helpful. He even managed to trace another credit card that I didnt know I had and they have settled that PPI claim for the sum of £248. They also provided me with credit card statements for the card I did know about and they showd that I had paid £38 a month for payment protectiong for approximately 4 years . I have now received a letter stating that they are rejecting this claim as this PPI was sold on a non advised basis, i distinctly remember being phoned to offer me this cover before taking it, and that they would have paid out on my PPI claim despite the fact that i was on full company sick pay at the time, which is contrary to what happened at the time I made my claim and invited me to submit a new claim. They also stated that just because they settled one credit card doesnt mean to say they would apply same criteria to another claim They obviously want to settle the claim I made at that time as it will be sustanially less than settling the PPI mis-selling claim. They have left me no option but to go to FOS now and I hope they will settle in my favour but appreciate this could take some time the only consolation being that they will have to pay interest for every day they delay Anyone else had any experience of this and can advise accordingly
  2. Phoned Aileen today but she is still on Maternity Leave but she did give me the landline number for her deputy but unfortunately I didnt have time to phone today
  3. Have finally managed to get through to someone in the credit card unit who confirmed that they had my letter and that the information had been sent out to my previous address despite me list ing my current address and signing the form. He resent the information to my current address and I went to make a PPI claim When I phoned the line they claimed that they can only send the information to the address on the account and they can not update it as the account is still active and has been sold onto a debt agency and they are the only ones who can change the address. The credit card debt is statute barred but would be grateful for any advice on how to resolve this issue
  4. Have telephone the numbers given above and unfortunately they do not deal with credit cards. The only number they can give me is the 0870 number for the credit card centre but you need the credit card numbers to get past that or you just get cut off Looks like I will have to go the court route to get them to comply
  5. This is part of my long running fight with RBS that started back in February They have sent me information on my loans and those have all been settled. My Direct Line loan is currently being investigated after they finally sent me that information The credit cards are being deliberately evasive The original SAR request was sent back in February and the cheque was cashed back then They originally did not forward the request to the credit card division Then the credit cards asked for more informatio eg past addresses, date of birth etc which I had already provided to the loan division but this hadnt been forwarded I have since sent 2 letters, the 2nd by special delivery, quoting the last 4 digits, date of birth and all my previous addresses with no response even though I pointed out to them that were in breech of the 40 day limit I now need to take further action
  6. Have sent a SAR request to RBS for my RBS credit card and Mint Credit card quite a few times now and they have failed to comply despite me providing all the information they have asked for. The last letter was sent special delivery and I have electronic confirmation that it has been delivered but still no information. I have looked for the letter template to take this further could someone point me in the right direction please
  7. If you look at my thread then you will see that even though the last loan I had been defaulted on I got a full refund although mine were classed as statute barred
  8. Had a wee revelation yesterday when RBS were being sticky and saying that they couldnt trace my credit card accounts and they were looking for account numbers I found out that Amazon and Play, from whom I bought quite a bit of stuff in the past, allow you to view past orders going back to 2000 and on that they list the last 4 digits of the credit card number which should give additional information to provide when requesting a SAR
  9. No they paid the full amounts due and it would have been close to the £23k i worked out but they deducted 20% tax on the interest There was no mention of the loan outstanding
  10. Last 2 claims sorted and cheque received today for £11759 Giving total received £20379.65
  11. Sounds like they made a major faux pas RBS tried the same sort of tactic with me but i pre-empted it by sending a copy of my passport to prove my signature was mine
  12. Please do not use one of these claim companies. I have done it myself with the help of the wonderful people on here and I got mine sorted It also means i keep all the money and not have to pay them £5000 for doing very little that you couldnt do yourself
  13. Me vs RBS PPI claim for over £20k even on a loan which I defaulted on plus RBS gave me information going back to a loan taken out in 1997 which they also paid out on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?333255-PPI-RBOS-amp-Loan-Statute-barred
  14. Hi All Am pleased to report that they have settled 4 out of the 6 claims by cheque and have sent a text to say the last 2 will be settled within 7 days I would like to thank everyone again for their help as it has been invaluable The total figure is still changing as every claim has been settled higher than the original offers and I am assuming this is because they are still accruing interest daily until they are settled
  15. Hi All Can someone have a look at the letter I received for the offer of PPI and let me know whether this is standard wording or is unique to my offer I understand that the Payment Protection Policy on my current loan, if not already cancelled, has now been cancelled and that all benefits and cover offered by the plan have ceased. I wish to accept the Bank's total goodwill offer of £ 1,702.41, on the basis that such an offer is accepted in full and final settlement of all or any claims which I might have against The Royal Bank of Scotland Group or any subsidiary companies in respect of my The Royal Bank of Scotland Payment Protection Insurance policies for Loan Account Number ******* . If I am subject to alternative fiduciary arrangements such as an IVA or Protected trust deed, any payment will be made to an existing account I hold with you. Any disbursements due under the terms of the arrangement will then be managed by the Group's Insolvency Team. i understand that the offer will take into account any arrears on my account. The remaining balance, if any, will then be paid to my The Royal Bank of Scotland current account, or by cheque if no account remains open. I am aware that it is possible for the account to remain in arrears if the offer is not sufficient to clear the full amount owing on the account. Signed; Date Signed: . Date Mr A Weir Daytime contact number
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