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  1. thanks - replies below. Can you give some background to the issues ? had a leak from a sink causing water damage to ceiling below. fixed the leak. ins co agreed to replace strip of ceiling and redecorate ceiling and room. As part of the process insurance company sent round the assessor – at that point the assessor saw damage ceiling (with possible have given way due to water) and water staining around the region incident. Photos were taken and it was clear that at that point there was no more water leaking. The tradesmen were arrived and the proposed work schedule was:
  2. Thank you. Think I will have a try - challenge in my case is that it turns on balance of probability - ie: was it likely / not likely that a shower seal failed due to workman taking down / replacing a section of ceiling directly below. Builder - says yes - lilkely it was caused by work below - Ins Co say no - wear and tear - but how likely is that a seal would fail at exactly the same time as work below? Any thoughts on presenting the case welcome. Would I need to go to the expense of an independanct surveryor report for the court? Thanks
  3. Hello Recently had a decision go against me from the Insurance Ombudsman. Feel really strongly that they haven't understood and that on the balance of probability on the facts I think the company are in the wrong. Does anyway have any experience and / or thoughts re: small claims actions following an ombudsman decision ie: does the judge look at the facts objectvely or merely side with the company and support the ombudsman's decision. Any comments welcome. Many thanks The Duke
  4. Hello I am new to the forum and not sure where to post - did read through - but still not 100% sure. My question relates to taking small claims action after insurance ombudsman has not found in my favour. I think I know what the process is but would be intersted in any view on likely success / court view is ombusman has already said no. Many thanks and happy to re post once I know where The Duke
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