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  1. He previously had middle rate care and high rate mobility for life. There is no breakdown of the costs and benefits etc, just notice of Housing benefit and council tax benefit awards, neither of which are changing from what they have always been. Then the letter says: 'Full details of the information that has been provided to us by the DWP can be found below: Your PIP Daily Living Component has been awarded Your PIP Mobility Component has been awarded.'
  2. My husband applied for the changeover to PIP 2 months ago and has been waiting for a decision since. Today we have received a letter from the council concerning housing benefit, stating that 'your PIP Daily Living Component/Mobility component has been awarded'. We still haven't heard anything from DWP and my husband has extreme anxiety issues and does not want to phone and chase them. He has hardly slept since all of this has been going on and I just want closure now but he can't bring himself to do it. My question is does anyone have experience of this, and does the particular wording su
  3. My husband was placed in WRAG group for the second time in May 2013. He decided to appeal, decision was upheld and he has since had 2 tribunals both adjourned. The last one advised him to get legal advice as she didn't think there was enough evidence to continue paying ESA at all. Our legal adviser has let us down somewhat, despite having plenty of notice and being emailed the whole bundle of papers back in August, he only went through them (allegedly) on 5th December then advised us to withdraw the appeal immediately as he wasn't confident of retaining ESA (despite telling the Mental Health a
  4. A little backgrround: My husband has Borderline Personality Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, query CAM type impingement of hip bones. he was placed into WRAG group upon renewal last May, we appealed which was turned down. Went to tribunal in February, adjourned without any questions being asked for GP records. Then the 2nd tribunal was held yesterday. the GP notes contained letters from the psychiatrist which contained many contradictions and some outright lies. EG he had seen my husband shopping in a superstore 70 miles from home walking normally and talking animatedly. My husband
  5. My husband had his tribunal last week at Caernarfon County Court, in a court room with a judge and doctor sitting on high in the magistrates chairs while we mere mortals were seated lower down in front of them. Very formal, very daunting, kept waiting for 50 minutes to be told (after a 9 month wait) that more medical evidence was going to be requested. PS My husband has extreme mental health difficulties. They knew of this and have now left me dealing with the fall out.
  6. Thanks for that link; however again it says it isnt accurate for students
  7. My daughter is 19 and in her second year at Uni, sharing a student house with her partner, also a full time student. She is 29 weeks pregnant and trying to find out what benefits she will be entitled to (housing benefit and income support) as they are looking to move into their own place. Both receive the full student grant (Wales, around £7000 pa each). Shes had no joy from CAB, all the government benefits checkers exclude students and she is struggling with her health at the moment. Can anyone offer any advice please?
  8. Thankyou for that, much appreciated
  9. Thanks all, at least it seems like I will have chance for the additional evidence to be seen atTribunal, that was my biggest concern that only that sent by DWP would be considered.
  10. Yes but that was at the first instance when he was placed in the Wrag group again. We appealed and have now been turned down at appeal, hence the new question regarding the witholding of the additional evidence.
  11. My husband was again placed in the ESA WRAG group for a further 2 years. We have appealed this decison but today received a letter saying the original decision still stands as no further evidence was submitted and all details have now been passed to Tribunal. However the appeals letter we put in did contain other evidence and the reasons why we feel he should be in the Support Group. We know this was received as it was sent signed for delivery. But all of these details have been omitted from the details sent to the Tribunals and have not been taken into account when looking at the decision aga
  12. We asked a doctor at our practice for a screen print which she refused to do, directing us to reception who would be pleased to handle a request if money exchanged hands. We also asked our GP to sign a form agreeing my husband had a said medical condition which gave us reduced water bills - the GP asked for £25 which I said I couldnt afford. She then said she would not agree to my husbands condition needing excess water (although she agreed he does have the condition stated). Im damned sure if I had paid the fee she would have agreed to it. The last GP we saw didnt even know what ESA was
  13. My husband has been placed once again in WRAG group at renewal; however we were not notified of this decision until the JCP advisor rang, and she told us it was for 2 years this time. We requested all of the information held from DWP, upon reading through they state my husband was assessed at a medical - but he has never had one for ESA! Even the JCP lady thinks he should be in Support Group, she advised him to appeal and it was a real shock to see what has been written. So my question is, where do we go from here? Do I add this further information to his appeal or do I keep this back in case
  14. My husband received ESA in the WRAG group but his contributions based ended in April this year. Since then we he has received Income based ESA. He has just been reassessed and has been put into WRAG again for a further 2 years but on the advice of his JCP advisor he is going to appeal to be placed in the Support group. If he is successful, will his money go back to the amount he received previously under contributions based or is that exhausted now, regardless of group he is in? Many thanks
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