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  1. Ok guys, so heres the current situation; - My insurance company has sent me a letter confirming my insurance will be cancelled on the 6th of September. - They have also told me that I will most likely have to pay the remaining premium of around 900£. - However, contrary to this, I will write them a letter concealing photos of my car and explaining to them that the third party is committing fraud and that I am not taking any liability for any extra suspense other than the cancellation fee of my policy. I will also explain to them that I will happily go to a court of Law and testify my
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the helpful replies. I am thinking of taking the matter into my own hands by paying the third-party a visit and explaining the situation to him. I will also get in touch with police again and try get hold of the statement issued by the third-party. However, do you think it would be wise to visit him directly? (my insurer gave me his address)
  3. I have a huge problem. I am a young driver and i have recently been burdened with troubles i do not know how to resolve. A third-party has falsely accused me of being involved in a car incident which took place on a bank holiday Monday at 10:00PM in the fall of May. This is what happened in chronological order; I woke up one day to find letters from the police at my doorstep. At the moment i thought it would have been a speeding fine or a regulatory driving offense of some sort, and even that would have shocked me. However, i opened the letter to find i was 'involved' in an incident whi
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