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  1. £500 debt that was on a payment plan but I missed the last months payment date so they sent me a letter saying they plan to DCA it if I didn't contact them immediately to rectify. Letter dated 2nd of the month and received on the 4th. Phoned on the 4th and they said 'It's with a DCA as of 2nd, talk to them, we can't help you now' I asked about making payments and she said they wouldn't accept them. Fired off a letter to Next explaining the problem with their letter/no time to rectify. No response up to this day. Got DCA letter a week letter with £100 added. Told DCA I'd sent a letter to
  2. NO, no CCA request as DCA contacted me immediately after it was transferred as NEXT said they cant discuss anything as its 'out of their hands'. I sent NEXT a letter which they claim they haven't received but they did (tracked). But they said 'anyway it's nothing to do with us now, talk to the DCA'. But I'm sure since the DCA sent me copies of my statements, NEXT are obviously still able to handle/discuss the acc? As it took the DCA a month to send this to me. I don't think I can CCA them now anyway?! As I've acknowledged an acc with NEXT just not given them any details of the amount
  3. Right I have a debt with Next that was sent to a DCA who claimed I owed more. I told them to prove it and they wrote back telling me to prove I don't owe it. I wrote back saying no payments will be made until they can prove the higher amount. They sent me back 2 years worth of statements with the last one proving that I don't owe the larger amount. However on the letter they still say I owe more and need to pay it. How do I proceed??
  4. I started getting these when they realised I was ignoring their phonecalls.
  5. i have a small debt which Moorcroft are collecting for. On chasing they've added £90 which I'm assuming is their 'court fees' if it's escalated. I wrote back offering a payment plan and asked them to explain the extra, as they don't own the debt. In their reply they accepted the payment plan but no word on the charges, so the balance still includes it. The 1st payment is due within a week and every month after. I'm able to start the plan but will this mean I'll have to pay the extra? I'm scared that once i make the 1st payment, it looks like I've agreed the balance is correct
  6. No it's longer term than PDL's. You choose the 6 or 12 month option. Wouldn't a 'prove it' letter be asking for trouble? I'm not trying to run from the debt, just want to 100% know what the extra is for. Like I said the company haven't even sent me a letter saying I've missed payments or defaulted.
  7. A short term loan company passed me onto a DCA who sent me a letter with £200 added onto the balance. I sent the loan company letters last July about becoming unemployed and unable to pay back the weekly amount. Each letter was ignored but they bombarded me with texts demanding I call them. Again I sent a letter saying writing only and nothing. I continued to send letters asking for a payment card/standing order details, e.t.c but nothing. On xmas eve they sent me a text: 'Make sure you have the funds in your account over xmas, thank you. Merry xmas and a Happy new year!' The
  8. No! Nothings changed, apart from they've stopped calling me! everything's the same. it feels like they are fishing?! they ask me for somthing then back track saying 'its not proof'. Now they need my signature?! hmmm... legally can they refuse to deal with me without a signature?! I put my address on each letter along with the account number and they have my contact numbers. so why do they need my sig?!
  9. I've continued paying as i said I would and haven't heard anything back from them.
  10. I received a DCA letter and i sent them what i sent PDE and CC'd them too. nothing. then passed onto another DCA... but one i'm already with for another debt. They haven't responded yet, but they don't own the debt so I'm guessing they've passed it back to PDE.
  11. OK, I'm in a little war with C1. I notified them months ago I was unemployed, and tried to set up a plan. they gave me grief at first saying they needed 'proof' including a benefits letter and bank statement. I sent the JSA letter but not the bank statement. They wrote back saying I can't be put on a plan unless I send them a bank statement. Two working days later they write a letter saying i've defaulted and lost my account completely and blah blah. Then i receive a letter from their DCA requesting the full amount. I sent C1 a snotty letter saying they never gave me time to
  12. Yea SO is easier, but they accept cash deposits at RBS with a reference. and i've found this a lot easier! I'll continue with the advice you have all given thanks! LOL!!!!!!! *goes to block them*
  13. Maybe you misunderstood?! once you tell Wonga/their DCA's your situation, Wonga then come back with a 'settlement' offer, depending on your history with them I guess. Whether you accept or not is totally up to you. But that's what they do. I never once said you would be forced to pay their offer...
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