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  1. Thanks Huggy's Boss. The phone number is a big help. Had to look quite hard for the online statutory report link though, it's not so obvious that that option is there and they obviously want to push their 'free' option a little harder on people. Thanks again.
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying to sort out my fairly serious debt problem and have spent the last few weeks working out the best way of dealing with my creditors. The problem is I can't even get round to dealing with them because of Equifax. I sent a request for a statutory credit report 5 weeks ago along with the postal order (which has now presumably been cashed). The first time I sent it I did it recorded delivery. It gone returned to me as 'Undelivered'. I again sent another request with the same postal order by first class (I had no income at the time) and two weeks later got a request fo
  3. Now there is a good question, and quite honestly I'm not sure. There are at least two credit cards I haven't used since about 5-7 years ago but I have had communications of the obvious sort since then and plenty of charges/interest. I was under the impression though that this was only relevent if I hadn't received any communication from these companies over a six year period? Getting the CRA's as I type...... Thank you for the advice.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been scouring over the posts made in these forums for the last couple of days looking for advice on dealing with some fairly hefty personal unsecured debts. The advice has been quite different in different posts and hard to pull together so I'm hoping that I might be able to pull some direct answers in to a single post that might help a few people in a similar position to my own. Just for a bit of background here is my situation: I owe around £50000 to 6 creditors roughly shared equally between 5 of them, and the last one I owe £13000 to. I have been living out
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