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  1. Hi, I am a new user on this forum but previously read it for information. I originally received a letter from PDCS asking for me to contact them regarding an urgent matter. I found this forum and read the advice, waiting for a second letter with further information. This was duly received and stated that I owed a 3-figure amount but did not give much more detail. I replied using the standard letter (as seen on this forum) stating that I did not acknowledge the debt and asking for proof of this debt. They have now replied asking me to confirm I lived at a certain (different to current) address and what dates I lived there. They need this for Data Protection reasons apparently. I did live there (over 5 years ago!) and have moved three times since then. Should I tell them the dates I lived there or does this give them further information to use against me? Or is there another standard letter I should now send? It was a shared house I lived in then and although I settled all the bills when I moved, I worry that someone else may then have used my name and racked up this debt. Obviously I dont have copies of all my bills from 2005! I have seen PDCS often mentioned on these forums so hopefully someone can advise me on my next step. Thanks
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