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  1. Greetings all, I too am in the proceedure of fighting a £55 fine for failiure to noitify. I did copy snooplottys letter in an earlier thread, and adjusted to suit and sent it .....today i recieved the following: Dear Mr XXXX Thank you for your recent enquiry concerning the out of court settlemnt offered to you in respect of motor vehicle registration mark XXXX XXXX for which a notification of keeper change has not been recieved. A disposal notification for this vehicle was not recieved at DVLA and therefore the vehicle remained registered in your name. The requirement to notify disposal of a vehicle is contained within regulation 22-24 of the road vehicles (registration & licensing)regulations 2002. Information on disposal of a vehicle is available on the vehicle registration certificate (VC5) The mitigation you submitted is noted,but it does not materially alter the outcome of your case or constitute a defence. Consequently you are still liable for the £55 which must be recieved at this office by 06/09/10 Please pay this penalty blah..blah,blah.................. I did send my v5 off in january this year,but not by registered post I wondered if anyone could advice me of the next step i should take, Kind regards..Freddy
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