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  1. Hi guys, I set up a repayment plan with wonga. The random number they have decided my original 825 quid loan debt stands is £1374.85. I had a payment arrangement set up to start on Sep 24th. On this day I manually transferred 100 quid to them as I was supposed to. Forgot all about it, as the next one is due 25th October. To cut a long story short, they have helped themselves to a further 647.38 in 3+ transactions. What the **** do these people think they are doing? I am now in rent arrears. What should I do? Break off the arrangement? Carry on? Give them a call? I'm at my wits end with t
  2. HI, thanks for your reply. The original loan this month was £850 - I'm reading that from my Wonga account. However I think I topped it up a couple of times, which Wonga doesn't say. My repayment is now 1450. Do I really need to just leave them to it then? Surely they are legally protected as I did essentially sign up for this and I am digging a deeper hole until such time as I get the interest frozen? That's my primary aim at the moment. - Any further advice guys...
  3. Hi, the debt to repay was £1417 - it has been rolling over for over 12 months, so I got sick of it and simply defaulted this month. I'm looking to tie them into a payment arrangement but they only asked me to call them? They added 30 quid interest yesterday and I think more today and I am worried that they will spin that out for as long as possible for agreeing to any plan? What should I do next?
  4. Hi guys, I recently (26/08) defaulted on a loan from wonga and wrote to them following advice I found on these forums. I changed my bank account and emailed a few addresses - balance offers, collections etc with an offer of nothing this month (cannot really afford it ) followed by a standing order of £100 a month for 15 months every 26th starting in September. They replied with: Please note that we cannot agree to any payment arrangement without a payment.* Our banking details as follows:* Account no: 21544926* Sort code: 40-06-09* Loan reference: 0000053266
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