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  1. Thanks for all the help, folks, in terms of whether to reply or allege harassment - well being harassed itself it is advised anyway not to respond to them in the first instance. So as Fruit Salad and DX says ignore until letter of claim and not confirm ID which is what I will do. As I said I note it here as part of the timeline, and just keep records of it for later if necessary. Not intending to do anything with it just yet.
  2. i didn't say i was actually going down that road i said it would be in the background for later if necessary. As I owe them nothing then I'm not their creditor, in addition they have gleaned my number from somewhere & are now sending unsolicited text messages. I include this for update information only at this time as i now have 3 of them & appears to be 1 a week,last one saying they are now taking legal action
  3. perhaps you misunderstand, the word hope is not looking forward to it in an emotive anticipated sense, it's to consolidate any harassment report in a technical legal sense it maybe but as i said a quick search shows that 2 texts can be enough to be considered harassment, A quick summary of Harassment from a law firm site is interesting, I've screenshot the texts & will keep them for future use. Harassment:- in the context of emails and texts messages, a course of conduct in harassment must involve at least two emails or two texts being sent to you, as well as the harasser sending the same email to two people. It doesn't need to be the same message on both occasions but they need to be related and not two isolated incidents. So, for example, if someone sends you a threatening email and later also a threatening text message, which are causing you anxiety, the sender is potentially committing a criminal offence of harassment. source: Cohen Davis Solicitors
  4. further update on my text message from TRACE.... I got one, I now have two..... I'm glad I haven't blocked them yet.... from a very quick cursory google which I'll look into further, it seems one is annoying but no issue......a second one however, well that begins to go into harrassment. One was 26.04.21 the second 07.05.21 So a report to the Police and OfCoM as any cause of distress is possible. Suspect little help from Police but OfCoM maybe useful and anyways it all helps to disorient them a bit. I do hope they send another this Friday too......FINAL DEMAND and apparently CASE under review for potential legal action against me.....
  5. tempted to block but also to leave as a record of harassment and possible data protection breach, as I saw in other posts similar had happened
  6. that's interesting isn't it......I haven't provided them with anything, no replies at all ....my real life name is unusual so I expect it's not a huge task to find me...but....I find that intriguing that they have started to text me when never entered into any conversations or correspondence with them...
  7. I've had another demand letter last week which is their standard nonsense from Trace so won't bother posting it up, however today's development was interesting when I received a text from them...... Looking at other posts on here with these clowns that's getting into bordering into data protection/harassment area..... will keep posting until/if i get the letter to claim but just deciding whether to block or not, my feeling is to leave it open, screenshot all messages and keep if necessary if I have to answer the LTC...... thoughts welcomed
  8. lookforinfo, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that just related to official civil enforcement officers, i.e. Council Traffic Wardens, who are employed by an enforcement authority. That is local councils for instance or a private company employed by a council. PCM are a private company trying to obtain payment from a speculative invoice and have no authority to issue PCN's.
  9. LookforInfo thank you for help. They can't have it both ways, she photographed the car but then when challenged about as I was loading chattels into van and car I moved the car she crossed to the other side of the street to try and hand me the invoice. I refused to take it so at no time was anything affixed to windscreen. As to the NTK I've only got one I believe Alleged parking was 12.12.20 NTK was posted 13.01.21 and give 15.01.21 Second letter is the Debt recovery letter dated 17.03.21. That's all so far.
  10. thanks lookinforinfo, I'll have to get the NTK out but I thought they had between 29 - 5 days anyway?
  11. Dave can you please delete that first PDF/doc on my very first post on my Parking invoice topic - it may show more detail than desired

    the others are fine 


  12. debt recovery letter 17032021-copy.pdf My latest communication from PCM is this debt recovery referral to TRACE debt recovery. I'm assuming this is still threatening stage tactics as there is no official legal court letter to claim so am I still to ignore again. Please if you can advise as I assume that is the case but would be grateful for information confirming. Interestingly, I noticed that in the text which I circled in red that they have called it a Parking Ticket, and not a "Parking Charge" I don't know if that has any legal weight etc. as I believed only councils can issue parking tickets but thought worth mentioning
  13. thanks Honeybee, that's all I wanted to know. Lookforinfo I don't have the window PCN, I moved it into street before she could put it on there and refused it when she tried to get me to take it. No sadly no pics I was on my own when she was trying to give it to me in the street/on public highway thanks
  14. Sorry you may have misunderstood me, he hasn't advised anything at all - apart from being happy to admit being the driver rather than me. This is as they have had the same notices for their own car when my sister borrowed it parked it at her address & he has filed in the cabinet several notices from them over a couple of years now and not paid a penny farthing. They (parents) said were happy to take it over from me and just put them as the driver as they'd file it with all the other rubbish they've had from PCM. That's all I was asking TY
  15. UPDATE: I have received the Notice to Liability to Keeper letter after 56 days. Now, I know I'm ignoring them personally till letter of claim but my father said straight away to put in his name as they have had past dealings with these clowns and has a file of letters from them and ignored throughout. He is happy for me to add this to his name so do I return this with his name on now OR continue to ignore? Many thanks LL
  16. For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 12.12.20 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] N Ticket allegedly issued but not put on vehicle - moved before could affix and parking employee attempted to put into hand in roadway has there been a response? n/a If you haven't appealed yet - ,.........DONT ! seek advice on your topic first. have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] YES what date is on it Date Posted 13.01.21 Date Notice Given 15.01.21 Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? Not attached - online reference only to JPEGS PDFs attached 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] YES 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] Not appealed yet 5 Who is the parking company? Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Southbrook Rise Southampton SO15 Residential/Commercial office car park - on a Saturday - loading vehicle with furniture/chattels, etc. PCM 12_12_20.pdf
  17. cheers p.s. in questionnaire do you want me to fill in windscreen ticket part (as they may have made one but it wasn't attached to the vehicle - ) or NTK bit only?
  18. Thanks, To add more background, I don't make a habit of parking anywhere I want, I live in rural Devon where we don't have as much of this type of set up and had one POPLA appeal upheld when my OH overstayed in LIdl with Parking Eye. This lot aren't in BPA and all the residents there are at odds with them, they get spurious tickets themselves when parked sometimes at 4 a.m and told me the the employee who tried to give it out was crazy and doesn't listen and did similar to him. When my sister first parked agents didn't issue her a permit so she got one, when she used my parents car they got one. So far they have ignored all letters sent to them and put in a file that's been quite a while now. I'll have a think, information and advice on here can conflict with othersites so it's hard as a layman to know what to do.
  19. @dx100uk As I said it's from another sites template adapted as they advise to do. I haven't answered them AT ALL it's a draft which is why I asked for advice before sending - NTK only arrived friday 13.01.21 I just asked for some guidance as I thought this site did. thanks that's very helpful Loz PDF attached as requested thanks Doc5.pdf
  20. Hi everyone, hope you can help and check my letter and offer any guidance I may have missed or messed up - been careful not to say who was the driver here as well as on letter so hope it still makes sense SUMMARY - Moving my sister out of her flat in Southampton a PCM employee (warden type) turned up as the parties involved were moving furniture into the hire van and the registered keeper's vehicle. Tailgates were open and on the incident in question an employee (warden type) of PCM approached the "driver" & my sister (leaseholder) loading the van and car heavy furniture and after explaining it was being loaded for moving home she advised the vehicles could stay and load up and walked off. Her English was not great however, it must be said. The employee returned later on while the driver was continuing to load in the back of the van and alleged vehicle, she took a picture of the car and when asked what she was doing went back on her original statement saying now it was not between the lines either and was issuing a "ticket" Both vehicles were stopped loading up in the same way. Their own photographic evidence actually clearly shows the box van and the alleged vehicle with its tail gate open as it was being loaded. The attached photo also shows the van for loading at the same time and across the lines, however, it has been issued no such NTD or NTK. Either so called "rules" apply equally or they don’t. The vehicle was moved immediately as the employee returned as she had tried to sneak up to the vehicle and he saw her in the reflection of the building windows just as the driver was loading the vehicles up. The employee then changed their earlier statement “allowing” loading so they moved it into the roadway upon hearing this, but the employee then came onto the street in the roadway which is not within the land being discussed and tried to push an NTD into their hand demanding they take it. They refused to accept it from her hand . So this week -NTK letter dated 13/01/202021 alleges that a PCN was affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle at 12:14 in Southbrook Rise SO15. No NTD (PCN) invoice was affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle as the driver moved it into the road when realised she was trying to issue a penalty charge. PCM may have issued a PCN but as no such NTD was put on the vehicle as the PCM employee of the company walked off from the driver of the vehicle on that day. So I've also objected to their request for details as was made beyond the 14 day time limit as the registered keeper had no PCN affixed to their vehicle to examine. Most of all I have used the other standard objections in Parking Cowboys template but after bit of googling also the case of Jopson v Homeguard (2016) as the homeowner was being assisted in loading her chattels into van and the alleged vehicle as being moved house and that has been established as clear legitimate reasons for using a residents car park in law. Have attached the pictures they sent me - have attached my initial reply letter here but will put on next post in full so it's not too much to read on this post too thanks in advance and here's the text from my first challenge letter to PCM - red bits I'm not sure whether apply - PCM are an IAS member not POPLA ============================ (removed - dx)
  21. Try & keep short: Son bought '65 Airstream Caravan (yes the polished type)from Florida & shipped by agent in Derby. The agent is a clown & has stupidly paid customs & excise far too much as paid on wrong code. Instead of 5% as its a '65 and due to its weight I believe he's paid 20% which think is about £3.5k. Its his fault & C&E have confirmed they don't know why he paid that amount. Now he isn't releasing caravan unless my son pays whole amount. He only actually owes £937 which is payable on delivery to his door only which he is happy to pay. Police can't act as civil at moment & he has started to contact trading standards. Despite not having the extra he is understandably reluctant to pay the demanded balance in case especially as its the agents fault he paid incorrectly but that he either doesn't ever get back from Gov or has to wait a long time for it. At one point he called police because we thought the van had been vanished as he refused to send any container shipping details either but it is supposed to be in UK now. I am tempted to call the bloke & try & resolve but suspect will still be no avail or to get a solicitor to just send a warning letter to him to release the vehicle. Anyone with any experience in this area gratefully received of how we should proceed.... thanks. I'm going to post additional info as its transpired but on new posts to try and keep clarity and make it easy to understand Information Point 2 the following is info answered by my son as we have gone into it: The person who has the caravan is the shipping agent: He used an unknown shipper to actually collect it from Florida and transport it to New York, and then on to the unknown ship to the unknown port in the UK. He initially invoiced me the correct vat figure which I paid him. I checked this with HMRC and they said sometimes shippers and shipping agents to do this and appears to be a legitimate method as opposed to me paying HMRC directly. It was only when it cleared customs he issued me with a new invoice for the duty and vat. I think it was the US shippers that filled out the customs documents incorrectly and led to a much higher figure. HMRC said the only people who can amend that paperwork are the ones who filled it out. I would contact them directly but he won't tell me who they are or how to contact them. He's just taken it as gospel that the higher figure is correct, paid it from his own account and invoiced me for it. "But I still have no actual proof he's paid this amount. He won't give me any documentation or reference numbers with which I can contact anyone about this. As said, maybe he should be asking HMRC for a refund but I don't know if he can do that unless he resubmits the paperwork. But then I asked him to sort that and he just says I have to pay him the full amount."
  22. Thnaks for that Mwynci, yes i'm getting that impression now, I'm not bothered about the hire too much - the problem here as well is that no contact from them until they just sent a cheque to car hire firm, they do that to get it off hire asap as i haven't even seen it yet and they haven't had courtesy to tell me amount offered till today. No the loss assessor/engineer asked me to get values off auto trader, i told him it was his job politely but i did anyway, so yes similar vehicle to ours around £795 to £895. The only saving grace is it's cost them a fortune in car hire already as taken so long and they put us in a higher group car Honda civic 94 , 3 door hatch with 80k miles? they sent us BMW '10 3 series 2litre diesel auto... so at least stung them that way yeah not sure how far to take this i will get at best £300 more is should think is it worth all the grief....i know that's what they count on but......:idea:
  23. My wife was hit by 3rd party. Car is an old civic, to replace it would be about £900. Her (the 3rd party) insurance co. have sent a cheque out without agreeing with us or bothering to contact us to the hire car co. this has the effect of cancelling the hire car in 7 days. We don't agree with this or accept it no one has had courtesy to tell us they were making a payment - the accident was not our fault as they are only sending out £400. We then have to find the extra money to get another car also. My question is can we insist on car being repaired (it would cost £2500 approx) which would be a lever to increase the payout. We were told by the hire co. not to accept the first offer but we have not even had a first offer any ideas or facts gratefully received. It wasn't our fault we would have still been driving the car but the insurance say they only have to payout the value before accident. I was informed by a couple of people that we could insist on it being repaired. many thanks
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