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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Yes it is MET parking that manage the CP and Midland Mainline manage the rail services. Based on your advice and the details from 'ericsbrother' I think a short letter to MET will be the best course of action followed by a letter to Midland Mainline. Do they ever weigh in?! Any one ever successfully challenged a previously upheld claim from POPLA? They seem to be as quick to overlook common sense and quote the small print as the parking providers! Fred
  2. Hello all Need some advice on what to do next. The story so far in brief. I parked at the Warwick parkway train station car park (as I have many times) got out the car and hopped on the train to London, opened up my smart phone to access RingGo parking online and couldn't access WiFi. Kept trying and eventually managed to pay for 2 days of parking at 11.29am. When I got back to my car the next day I had a PCN issued at 10.45am. I challenged this as I was clearly not trying to avoid paying for a ticket as it costs the same for 2 days
  3. Thanks for the posts guys - much appreciated. I do however need some more advice!!!! I have now received 3 letters: Letter 1 - "Notice to owner" from excel demanding £100!!! Letter 2 - "Final Demand Notice Prior to Court Action" from excel for £100!!! Letter 3 - A debt collector letter from "Roxburghe Debt Collectors" Demanding £141.12!!! Do i keep ignoring or make contact with someone?! Do i need a solicitor?! I have no idea why the charge has gone to £141.12 - its a little random. I could really do with NOT loosing in court if it goes that far. Are you sure that they ha
  4. Hi everyone, I thought i would check the internet before paying this ticket - glad i did! An incredible amount of information. I hope one/some of you can help me with advice. The story: We parked in the aforementioned car park which has big signs saying the first 30 mins are free then after that you must pay. It was clearly visible from the car and as it was raining we just parked up and went to the shop. After 20 mins my girlfriend realised we may end up over the 30 mins time limit so went outside to purchase a ticket. The ticket man had just placed a ticket on our car!!! He explai
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