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  1. Hello, Major problem - Help Please... I bought a used car from a Private Seller and within hours and actually travelling home the car broke down at the side of the road. Called Breakdown Mechanic who came out and straightaway said the Head Gasket was broken!!! What rights do I have on getting money back or anything? Seller, Who said he is a Mechanic advised nothing wrong with the car but willing to fix it if I take it back to him?? How do I take a NON Starting car on a 70 mile trip? Should he be made to come to my home address and sort the problem? WHAT DO I DO??
  2. Hello, I currently claim Employment and Support Allowance Contribution and Income Related (Partner is the Income Part). My Partner may this year become a Student. Do we have to inform DWP and if so would this affect the Benefits and could we completely loose them? Help/Advise please:|
  3. Hi, I am a Student and my partner on Employment and Support Allowance. Door is always looked and would have to be a midget to fit through kitchen window. Its for Council Tax from a property we rented around 3 year ago. Its not that we will not pay but would rather pay Council direct and do not want the Bailiff back or getting in to list any goods??
  4. Hello, A Rossendales Bailiff visited today but I was out at the time. I texted him and then he called, he wants to re-visit to make a Walking Possession list/order but said he would not take anything? What should I do as offered to pay the council direct but they say they can not take the payments and has to go through the bailiff?? I want to pay on instalments to clear a debt of around £400 but scared he will take all our goods and not make an arrangement for payment?? PLEASE HELP - URGENTLY:sad:
  5. Hi Everyone.... Thank you for your comments. However, I am still confused and lost with all this. My question is has ANYONE with existing ESA Income Related in the Support Group had to have a review after around 14 Months of receiving ESA? I went to a Tribunal in December 2009 and was awarded further points as the Decision Maker gave me only 12 points and the Tribunal backed me up and awarded me a total of 30 points and put me as the Support Group component. I just think it is too soon for a Review having gone through all the stress last year from August to December 2009 with the
  6. Hi... Please advise/Help. Less than a year after winning a Tribunal to gain more points than what ATOS awarded me for ESA I am apparantly due a REVIEW? Can this be correct, has anyone had this REVIEW for ESA?
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