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  1. I already did that, but they're saying that they never upgrade vouchers on products which were clearance - even though it doesn't say that in the WEH agreement!
  2. Ok, in short this is what's happened so far... 1) Bought a high-end digital camera in October 2007 with a 5-year Whatever Happens policy. 2)Camera won't power on in July 2010. Item is booked in for repair on 20th and is collected on the 26th July 2010. 3) Camera is written off on 23rd August 2010 and a voucher number is issued on 25th August 2010 for a camera of equal specifications. 4) I went into a local Curry's store and the sales assistant advised me which camera was equal to my old one. 5) At the till, I am told the voucher doesn't even cover half the cost of the equivalent camera. 6) I am told to call Whatever Happens from home and get them to upgrade the value of the voucher. 7) I am told by Whatever Happens that they won't upgrade the value of the voucher because the camera I bought in the first place was Clearance (NOT graded, ex display, pre-owned etc..) 8) I am offered a Panasonic G1 which doesn't have Movie Mode (Which I used a lot!) and it only has a 14-42mm zoom (compared to an 18-300mm zoom I had before!). 9) Curry's INSIST this camera is better than the one I had.... not likely.... Anyway, I am told that even though I bought an £800 digital camera in 2007, because it was on Clearance at £229.97, I am not entitled to an £800 camera today, even though nothing cheaper has the same specifications! I paid £89.00 for the 5-year Whatever Happens which I paid for in full there and then. Their Whatever Happens policy clearly states 'If the item cannot be repaired within 28 days, you will be given vouchers to purchase a product of equivalent specification'..... But Whatever Happens customer service claim that this isn't the case for clearance cameras, even though it DOES NOT state that ANYWHERE on the policy, nor does it mention a maximum value they will offer. Does this sound right to you????
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