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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old thread...Cadbury1879, you mention you know of solicitor that are clued up about this? Any chance you could PM me with details? I tried to PM you but I don't have enough posts to be able to PM
  2. Thank you again for the comments, they have been very helpful. I have asked my solicitors the reason why they believe the debt should be paid and they have responded in writing saying that the buyers solicitors will not complete unless they have assurance that the restrictions will be removed upon completion. My solicitors have stated that they cannot give this as they have from the third party, along with a redemption statement, that they will not remove the restrictions until the debt is paid. So again they are not understanding the restriction and are taking no steps to
  3. Thank you everyone for comments so far I don't know if it is a form K restriction as it doesn't specify it on the title, but the wording for both is as follows: (DATE) RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate, other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to CREDITOR & ADDRESS, being the person with the benefit of an interim charging or
  4. Good evening I hope someone can give me some advice on what to do next. I was due to complete the sale of my house yesterday, however 3 days ago (Friday) I was told by my solicitors that the house couldn't be sold due to 2 restrictions on it against my ex partner. I have explained that all they need to do is to notify the creditors that the house is to be sold, and have proof to show that they have given said written notification, as this is what the LR will need to see before registering the transfer of the new owners and the restriction being removed as the in
  5. Good afternoon I am currently in the process of collating and organising my PPI claims and I have a query about one that was taken out along with the dreaded Home Shopping Personal Finance account back in 2009. Looking at the documentation, the acceptance letter for Creditcare states that this is cover for 'Credit Card number:xxxxxxx'. Now, when I received the letter that had the Visa Debit card attached for this preference account it states the following: "Here is your new visa debit card for your preference account" "Your new Bank of Scotland Visa Debit card is NOT a cred
  6. Hi Guys, I received a letter back from BoS in response to the 'prove it' letters sent to iQor and Blair Oliver and Scott with a 'reconstituted version' of the original agreement and the current terms and conditions, and a further letter from Halifax Card Services stating that they cannot locate the signed agreement. these are all attached. HBoS responses.pdf HBoS responses.pdf I've also managed to locate the original copy of the agreement in my own records, which is slightly different from the reconstituted version provided by BoS. I've also located a 'Changes to your
  7. Thank you for all your replies, I've printed out the prove it letters and will be going to the post office in the morning to send them recorded delivery along with the £1 PO. I'll wait to see what they come back with.
  8. Hi, I've receieved 2 letters from Blair Oliver and Scott threatening they will be taking court action on behalf of their clinet bank of Scotland, and another from iQor offering me a substantial reduction on the amount I owe to Captial Bank. Both of these look to be regarding a preference account that I had been offered when applying for a loan. I didn't take out the loan as I went with my own bank instead, but receieved the preference card, which I believed was like a credit card. I cant remember signing anything at the time, but I've just checked my credit file and can see that it
  9. Hi Again, Since my last post, the court case has happended, as of yet have not recieved any notification from either the CSA or the court. Today my partner recieved a phone call from the CSA asking for £13k, and his credit card number...if he had £13k he woulnd't be in this prediciment in the first place. They then asked him if he had any assests to sell,or if the house could be remortgaged to pay for this. When he said he couldn't the CSA person said that if he could pay this in the next 4 weeks then the baliffs would be sent round to take possession to the value of, or the co
  10. I wonder if anyone can give me some info. My partner has received a court date for the CSA to obtain a liability order for non-payment of CSA. He has arrears remaining of £11,000 (was originally £18-19,000) which the CSA decided he was due to pay in the first year that he'd split from his partner over 8 years ago. His ex-partner received all of the proceeds of the house sale (about £90k), as through some form of guilt he had, he signed a letter from her solicitor to say that it was for the herself and the children. She then went onto benefits and the CSA got involved. We have n
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