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  1. Across the board I've still paid thousands in interest that I won't recover and have some serious blemishes on my credit file but I do appreciate that it could have been far worse. That being said, 3k plus in refunds from one company says just how bad things were. I do sometimes wish it was looked at holistically as I'm sure I'd be looking at £20k plus! But then again, I wasn't the most responsible person going so should probably pay some kind of price!
  2. Ohhhh I know!! I managed to get myself out of the payday loan trap through some serious careful planning, some early inheritance and determination but I'm still annoyed to this day as to how they got away with it for so long. I appreciate that I wasn't truthful with my outgoings etc, but I was desperate to pay what i owed in the attempts to keep my file clear of defaults. I'm 33 and still learning them life things every damn day!
  3. Well, i will admit that I'm not versed on the rules so I'll just keep quiet for now and let things run their course. I am kicking myself for not doing it myself with the help of this site though.
  4. Oh, I see. Any reason why the Ombudsman would be interested in that though?
  5. Good afternoon all, So I would just like to start by saying that I have recently been successful with a QuickQuid refund (all interest + 8%) totaling just over £3k! I did use a company to handle my complaints so did lose 30%, but then 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing right?! I do have another complaint in progress with Sunny, which is currently with the Ombudsman. They have requested further information (through the company), which was whether I am in an IVA, or whether I have ever been bankrupt. Does anyone know why they would request that information? It has been with the Ombudsman (so I am being told) since Sept last year so I am hoping for some kind of resolution soon. I'm not sure on timescales? Also, whilst I am here I thought it best to show my borrowing from sunny which is as follows: Loan Number Deposit Date/Date of Loan Loan Amount Amount Repaid to date 1 24/07/2015 £900.00 £1,800.00 2 14/10/2015 £200.00 £284.12 3 25/02/2016 £600.00 £729.60 4 06/03/2016 £350.00 £557.38 5 27/03/2016 £600.00 £1,103.07 6 05/04/2016 £50.00 £59.60 7 29/04/2016 £150.00 £183.60 8 01/06/2016 £350.00 £471.24 9 08/07/2016 £300.00 £345.60 10 27/07/2016 £800.00 £985.60 11 01/08/2016 £150.00 £178.80 12 25/08/2016 £950.00 £1,900.00 At the time, I had multiple payday loans, borrowing from one to pay the other and was in a right mess. I did have loans from other companies, but they weren't regular as such. The main two were QuickQuid and Sunny (borrowing monthly without fail), the others were to fill the gaps. If you look at the above and take into account that my pay date is the 25th of each month, you can see what kind of pickle I was in...
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