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  1. After receiving a letter from their complaints department stating that I did have a case for a full refund, I later received a cheque from Tribunal Action UK for the full amount I paid them. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, but was extremely happy that they agreed with me.........at the second time of asking I hasten to add!! All's well that ends well!
  2. Exactly what I said at interview, but was told that I HAD breached the act......they get you ANY way they can!!
  3. I am extremely grateful for your prompt reply. Any information would be helpful......... As they say 'Knowledge is power'' Adam
  4. Certainly will.......We all need help against companies like this!!
  5. Tribunal Online replied to my letter on the 18th February and told me that I would get a correspondence from their complaints department within 14 days. To date, I have heard nothing. Will be back on to Consumer Direct (.Gov) on Monday, where they will advise me on the next step. Also have completed my County Court form ready to sent on their advice. Will update when I can........
  6. Have there been any cases where prosecution has been taken against an individual, or is it all against companies etc. The reason I ask is that I have been disciplined at work for breaching Section 55 Data Protection Act and threatened that I had committed criminal offence. I know that Information Commissioner and DPP have say whether charges are laid, but as the documents in my possession were of a criminal/disciplinary offence by someone else, my employer has used that as a stick to beat me!! They were of no monetary value or personal use to me, but they found against me in a disciplinary investigation. The so called subject matter expert in this case provided a ststement that I had committed a criminal offence and gross misconduct. I callenged this but was told I had and accepted it!! Have I had smoke blown up my a**e ?? I am obviously appealing against the sanction and any information could assist in my case.
  7. I've just contacted Consumer Direct and they have told me to contact Tribunal Online quoting Verbal Misrepresentation, which is what I am going to do promptly!
  8. How did you achieve this....I have written to the Ministry of Justice and they have done nothing!! How much did it cost you to get your refund...I am intrigued to know how much Trading Standards and the Claims Regulator charge? Is it a worth while investment?? Adam
  9. Good luck with your claim and with BBC's Watchdog. Let us know if you get anywhere, and if necessary get back in touch and I will pass my details if they want to pursue a 'class action' against this company. I have not had anything back from the last people I wrote to which has given me no interest in pursuing the matter and have accepted the loss of my fees! If something changes, then I would be most interested!
  10. Today I received a letter from the President of the Employment Tribunal informing me that he has no authority to investigate Tribunal Online/Tribunal Action. He has advised me to send my complaint to: Claims Management Regulator PO Box 7824 Burton on Trent Staffordshire DE14 9DP I will be sending my complaint to them on Monday......
  11. I have complained via the website they directed me to and have sent complaints to The Ministry of Justice and The President Of The Employment Tribunal. See what happens!
  12. Finally had a reply from them regarding my returned ET1 and asked to contact yet another person....Have done so and eagerly awaiting what happens now!!
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