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  1. Hi, If you have the date and time that you called Wesminster Parking Services to ask about the suspension details and were advised that only the first 5 bays were suspended and you have photographic evidence that you parked in bay 6, then submit those as the grounds for your appeal against this PCN. The Council will then check their phone records and listen to the advice that you were given on the day by their own parking advisor and will decide whether your version of events is accurate. If they do, then they will cancel the PCN. Also, you state that your PCN was issued at 2020 hrs
  2. I received a PCN on 31 August last year (2011) from Westminster City Council for parking in a suspended disabled parking bay. I appealed the PCN on 2 grounds: a) that I had telephoned the council's parking services when I saw the confusing sign about exactly which 6 metres of the bay was suspended and was told that it was the first 6 metres of a long, undivided disabled parking bay in Vincent Square, and b) that the notice sign of the suspension was non-compliant. My case went to PATAS yesterday, 24 January 2012 and I won. The adjudicator accepted my evidence that I had been incorrect
  3. I won my PCN appeal at this junction. My grounds for appeal were that I was following diversion signs posted on the roadway which directed me towards Bloomsbury Street. I argued that roadworks signs and diversion signs take precedence over the permanent signs such as the 'ahead only' white arrow on a blue sign. I also argued that the diversion signs also made the existing, permanent signage of the 'ahead only' direction very confusing to the driver. The DVD evidence also was unclear as to exactly where I had :violin:turned right. But, I also had a very sympathetic adjudicator who accepted my a
  4. I WON my appeal yesterday against a PCN issued for a yellow box junction contravention. My PCN was issued for the YBJ contravention at Battersea Bridge Road/ Westgate Road/ Parkgate Road junction. I successfully argued that this yellow box junction was not compliant with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 diagrams 1043 and 1044. Transport for London had argued that the reason that the YBJ at that junction was non-compliant was because of the presence of a red route at that junction which had double red lines drawn. In its letter rejecting my appeal TfL had
  5. Yes and no. It depends on what grounds the initial qualification was for the IB entitlement and if the corroborating medical evidence supplied for it was reasonably current for no new medical assessment to be required. It also depends on how busy your local JCP office was at the time it received your switch-over claim form as there are decision targets that have been introduced to avoid claimants having many months of waiting for an adjudication while receiving the appeal rate benefit throughout that time. It is a cost saving exercise really! But well done for now.
  6. Hi P45, I am so sorry to hear of your plight. But for the Grace of God go I! Let me send you the link to 'Appealing Against Incapacity Benefit' that helped me tremendously. It is a briefing note written by the Welfare Rights Unit at Leicestershire County Council and it was most insightful for me. In addition, I printed out the appendix at the end which is the GP's input on your behalf explaining your medical conditions and how they impact on your daily life in terms of what you are able and unable to do. If you could get your GP to fill it in on your behalf and send it signed and dat
  7. Just an update on my situation. I made my appeal last month, November 2010 and I received my adjudication last week, on 20 December to tell me that my appeal had been successful upon re-consideration by a different adjudication officer at Incapacity Benefit. The decision letter stated that I did not have to face any further medical assessments until 11 November 2011, unless my circumstances or medical conditions changed. My benefit payments resumed from the date of the initial stoppage. I received an interim payment last week and the remainder today. Until now I had only received the reduced p
  8. Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I had NO idea that the mental health threshold was much lower at only 10 points. So, I am only 1 point short of this requirement and hope to appeal it. I take on board your advice that I must lodge my appeal right away and I shall do this today. Although, I do not really have the resilience or stamina needed for a protracted fight. Nor the fortitude to queue up for the entire day to see a CAB advisor, so I may jump to the CLS route that eventually helped you. I don't suppose you have a land line number for them as that would be really helpful? I c
  9. Hi, I have just received notification that I have failed my Medical Assessment for Incapacity Benefit as I only got 9 points of the 15 points that I needed to retain my benefit entitlement. My main reason for claiming this benefit is due to suffering from General Anxiety Disorder and had evidence of this from my GP and Clinical Psychologist. But, it was not enough. I also suffer from back and knee problems for which I also provided medical confirmation from my hospital specialist. That too was not good enough. Can anyone help with advice on tackling this appeal? Thanks
  10. Unfortunately, I did not take any pics that day as I had no way of knowing that I'd get a PCN a week later. And the roadworks were temporary ones so I expect they will have relocated elsewhere by now. It seems to me from the advice on this forum so far that my best way forward is to appeal the PCN on grounds of the vague location listed and add the problems encountered by the temporary diversion signs on the roadway on that day and the blue ahead only sign being on the lamp post after the junction at which I turned off Great Russell Street. I wonder how often such appeals succeed for the many
  11. I followed the diversion signs from the traffic light junction where Charing Cross Road crosses New Oxford Street and becomes Tottenham Court Road. I was headed to Bloomsbury Way. The diversion signs took me onto Great Russell Street and from there I turned into a side street, which might have been Bloomsbury Street, from where I turned onto Bloomsbury Way. The traffic light junction where I turned off Great Russell Street did not have any directional arrow lights, nor a prohibitory sign restricting my turn off, although just beyond the traffic light junction I did see a blue 'ahead only' sign
  12. Thanks. The 4 photos supplied by Camden do not show any road names and I have not been able to access the online video function on the council's website as it tells me that my PCN number and car registration are incorrect. Yet, the paper PCN does correctly show my car registration. My main defence that seems best to apply is the confusion of their temporary road closure/diversion road way signs that led me down this route.The right hand turn off Charing Cross Road onto New Oxford Street was closed due to road works. But, I do not know if that's been a useful tack though for those who have succ
  13. As I said before, I'm not quite certain that it was Bloomsbury Street where I turned off Great Russell Street, but there is definitely no left hand turn option at those traffic lights as Bloomsbury Street is one way traffic. I know with certainty that the traffic lights are not signed with any directional arrows and the blue ahead only sign is posted after the traffic junction.
  14. Yes. I think that the turning from Great Russell Street was onto Bloomsbury Street at the traffic lights junction. I was headed for Bloomsbury Way and the usual right turn from Charing Cross Road was closed due to roadworks and the temporary diversion signs on the roadway led to Great Russell Street from where this was the way to Bloomsbury Way. There was no prohibitory sign off Great Russell Street to this turn and the 'ahead only' blue sign was on a lampost after this traffic light junction where I turned off.
  15. I did turn off Great Russell Street but at the traffic lights junction where I turned off there was NO sign prohibiting a turn onto the road I drove into and the blue 'ahead only' blue sign was posted on Great Russell Street AFTER the traffic light junction where I turned off.
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