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  1. Evening all, I'm after some advice and please forgive me if this has already been answered. I'm using my mobile and it's not too easy to navigate/search on here to see and it's been many years since I last posted on here so I'm a bit out of touch with processes/etiquette. I've received a letter from Santander relating to a PPI claim that I opened quite some time ago and didn't proceed with. I was told at the time that there is no records relating to my account because of its age. The credit card was taken out with Alliance & Leicester very early 2000 and was taken over by
  2. Depends on how you define payment acknowledgement. If you mean have I been making regular payments and been in contact with them to discuss it then yes. Another quick update to this thread. I received a letter from them saying as requested they've attached a copy of a "recent" credit agreement that applies to my type of account. So not the original CA and doesnt have my signature either. So I'm guessing unenforceable? It also doesn't contain a list of my account activity, payments/charges/interest etc that I requested at the same time (SAR?) What's the next stage of action?
  3. Just a quick update on this. Have sent off my CCA today, recorded delivery and postal order of a pound enclosed. All typed and not written, nothing signed by myself. However has been sent to a PO Box address but its called NDR Payments so I think someone will sign for it eventually thinking there's a cheque in there. I've decided I'm going to do the same to other creditors that use DCA's who are threatening or use underhand techniques, the next being ARC Europe Ltd acting on behalf of Egg. They started out very friendly and polite to begin with, accepting my offer of payment etc
  4. Hi thanks for replying! Great advice. No I haven't asked for a copy of the agreement yet. This is one of the smallest debts I have (and they're making the most noise, typical). I've read conflicting information about requesting the CA so was going to hold off until I know more about it. All of my debts are at least 9/10 years old possibly older. Should I go ahead with the request?
  5. Hi, Really struggling to keep my cool with this bunch of cowboys so any help on the matter below would be really appreciated. I've completed my Financial Statement and it works out that NDR (on behalf of Kays £80 debt) would recieve £1 a month (it's actually less but I rounded up). I previously received a letter saying that unless full payment or an acceptable offer was made within 7 days then legal action would be taken. I called NDR and they refused to accept a payment of £1 a month and refused to view my Financial Statement (Calculated using CAB's website) unless its com
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