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  1. thanks huff&puff. let's say if I walk in the same branch to shop n if security recognise me will I be charged? Do they have face recognising system.
  2. admin, could you please remove the other duplicate post of mine please. sorry for duplicate post.
  3. hi, on december 2007 i was in b&q shopping for some small gas valve costing £5.99. Each packet had 2 valves - coloured red & blue. My foolishness i exchanged red coloured valve from another pack making mine two red (rather than one blue and one red). As soon as i paid for the pack and on the way out their security asked me to come in their office. I admitted shoplifiting and they asked me for my id; i gave my driving license. They asked me to sign their b&q banned form which says im banned from all b&q but it doesnt says for how long. Their manager didnt called police but i w
  4. admin please remove this post. i apologise for duplicate posting.
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