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  1. There is a statutory consultation process to go through - and it hasn't been complied with. Not to worry though, I'll keep looking around for some relevant case law
  2. I know when the letter was delivered - this goes way back to 2016 - the Housing Association have provided the receipt from Royal Mail. The Landlord is a Housing Association in Wales (I'd prefer not to give names). The HA is the freeholder. I am the long leaseholder. there is an occupational tenant in the property renting it from me. Very roughly, the works formed part a major roof replacement - from memory, £230k between 18 long leaseholders. The works have already been paid for by the HA.
  3. Some time ago, i was served an important notice about repairs being done by the landlord of a property i rent out (i don't live there). The notice was sent to the property and it was sent to my office address - the latter by recorded delivery. Neither was received by me. The landlord is a Housing Association and is threatening legal action now for non payment. They are relying on the fact that this notice was correctly addressed to my office address and signed for. However, they've produced a receipt from Royal Mail which is not signed by me, or anyone who works in that office (there were only 2 of us working there at the time anyway - and it was a weekend when i was moving house!). it looks like its probably been signed by a neighbour, though i don't know who and was never given to me. importantly, there was no card left by RM to let me know that they'd dropped it off I've spoken to Royal Mail who only keep records for 12 months, so they can't definitely say where it was delivered to, other than their "normal" process is to deliver a card to the address to say its been left with a neighbour. Can anyone point me in the direction of any case law which might help, or offer any suggestions? Its quite a substantial sum of money involved.
  4. A long story but MBNA wrote to me, after sending SAR and stopping payments to say they would reduce the overall debt by 60%. Much too-ing and fro-ing and eventually, they called me to say they would reduce the overall sum by 80%! I called the day following to accept the offer, they said it was no longer available but didn't have an explanation why. Strangely, they sent out a letter a few days later saying the offer was open until X date (which was 6 weeks ahead), so I called to accept the offer again, and again they said the offer was no longer available. In the meantime, they "sold" the debt to Experto Credite who harrassed the living bejesus out of me. Said the offer with MBNA was no longer valid etc. etc. I inivted them to take me to court, they still haven't months later. I also took some legal advice from a solicitor who said that I should write to MBNA with a conditional offer clearly setting out what I believe the legal position to be ie. they were in breach of contract when they made an offer which I accepted but they then withdrew when I accepted it, whcih i did. The offer had a cheque attached to it, it was clearly marked that if they accepted the cheque, they were accepting they were in breach and the matter was settled. They banked the cheque. Experto continue to harrass me (8 calls from them in one morning over 20 minutes) which i now just ignore, or say take me to court and put the phone down! I have written to MBNA a few times since they claim to have sold the debt setting out the legal postion and asking why they did, X, Y and Z. They basically ignore my requests, come back with something very vague and irrelevant etc. The last couple of times I've written to them, I say that if they don't respond within 14 / 28 days, I'll refer to FOS and / or take legal action. they always reply with a day or two to spare! So, questions are : 1. Should i refer the matter to the FOS - that is likely to take months though, right? 2. SHould I take legal action against MBNA for breach of contract? If so, is that small claims and can the court remove the default on my record? 3. Should I take out an injunction against Experto for harrassment? If so, how? Any other advice gratefully received?
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