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  1. Thank you for your replies. I now live in Canada and not likely to return back to the UK to live in the near future..so my best course of action would be to do nothing? I have not been contacted since 2004 by either Fredrickson International or Bryan Carter & Sons
  2. In 2002 I had a mobile phone with PHONES4U, I lost my job and was unable to pay my bill, I kept getting letters from PHONES4U about non-payment of my bill that was 700 pounds..I had so many other bills I couldnt manage to pay them all off..PHONES4U stopped contacting me after 5 months. In July 2003 I received a Notice from Northampton County Court saying that I had been sued for 700 pounds and that I need to make arrangements to pay my debt. I was still out of work and on unemployment. I didnt hear any more about it and to be honest I forgotten about it until 2008 when I ordered my Credit
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