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  1. Well its now been nearly six weeks since he applied on-line, been to every sign on, information meetings you name it, applied for loads of jobs (no success) and he has still not heard about any JSA.... Has rang numerous times: 1) had a call back to say his claim will be processed over the weekend, if no funds in his account by Monday to call back.... 2) No funds by Monday so called back to be told that his claim was not live and that it had been passed to another department on 15th February because they need to means test as he is self-employed.... To date has not received a penny nor 1 letter from them... He is 19, only went self-employed to enable him to do some temporary work for a couple of months, he has not been employed other than this... Has being S-Emply messed up his acceptability for JSA? Nobody can tell him anything... Any advice would help a very stressed mum!
  2. No indication on-line just that they will call you within 2-3 days to make an appointment for you to visit the JC.... Will call the JC, but was just interested to see other people's experience on how long it took, as this is 1st time for him to claim... Didnt want to hassle them if it was normal procedure to wait a couple of weeks.
  3. My Son who is registered as self-employed has been out of work for a time so has now submitted an online JSA application (3 weeks) ago, he has been to sign on and to various help sessions, but to date has still not received any money or an acceptance letter from the job centre.. is it normal for it to take this long?
  4. Please take advice from the above, DO NOT TAKE out another loan, can you not leave your ring until your finances have been sorted out. I would be a crazy thing to do!!
  5. Mine are as follows: Payday Express Poundstillpayday Payday UK Lending Stream Quickquid Minicredit 1 Month Loan OMG makes me feel sick the amount of money I have had to pay these blood suckers!!
  6. Still Nothing from this lot, no phone calls, letters or emails!!! Just sit and wait for them to get in touch, I was paying token payments but does not seem to be reducing my balance, so will now only pay the odd £1 or so until they can be bothered to come to some amicable agreement or be bothered to reply to my 30 odd emails. How are things going with you? Have you had any contact with them?
  7. What to do next??? Not had any contact from Minicredit for weeks now, have continually emaild them but no response... Have checked online account - I borrowed 100 GBP it now stands at 390 GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and status shows as Debt Collection. I have been making the odd token payment, but it doesnt appear to be reducing my balance. What to do next?? Should I just sit tight and wait?
  8. Nothing total silence, emaild them again yesterday requesting they give me a full breakdown of their charges as £100 loan is now £378.00!!! They just not bothering to reply to any of my emails. I am making token payments when I can but this doesnt seem to be reducing my balance by the look of it. If you are going to pay them off what is it that concerns you?
  9. Nothing at all from them, I have been making token payments when I can afford to, How about you, any news?
  10. Silence!!! Not heard a peep, no emails, no calls, no door step collection... I have given up emailing them at the moment, because they dont reply... I have proof of every email I have sent them. Whats your situ at the moment?
  11. Not had anyone turn up as yet, and still no responses to my emails. Will keep you posted 8-)
  12. Yes got same problem with these, they seem to ignore every email I send, or if I get a reply its is an automated one. Received a letter from them yesterday saying they were sending round a door step collector between 26th and 2nd November 2010 and charged me £100 for the pleasure!!!! I have sent theym so many emails I have lost count, also one stating that I do not give permission for them to attend my property. I have been making token payments but not even an acknowledgement of these. Oh well I least I know I have made every attempt to try and resolve this. ****ing hard work tho!!!
  13. Tell us more (if you can) jenn33, is the programme about all Payday companies or just Tooth Fairy?
  14. jk1961, I had similar problem, I just told them (and you may have to repeat several times as they dont listen) that you DO NOT have an active bank account or debit card, and that you are not willing to disclose any new account details because of unauthorised access on your previous account.
  15. Received a letter from mincredit headed "Final Notice Before Legal Action" It goes on to state "If we are unable to debit the full amount on the date stated we will start legal action against you on xxth Oct" This letter is not Dated and also has an incorrect Amount Overdue (as agreed by themselves) and also has no signature either Am I right in thinking this letter is not legal or at best been incorrectly issued??. Also should I have received Default Letter before this letter??? Many Thanks
  16. Thanks Delboy01! I knew I had seen it somewhere.
  17. Thanks Robjam1969, I have seen it somewhere, but cant find it now I need it. Can anyone help with this template. Thanks
  18. Hi jfk_8, I emailed them continuously but they didnt reply, then got an automated email stating that my balance had increased again, I was so mad I picked up the phone and called them, spoke with a really helpful lady and she agreed to send me bank details so I could make payments over 2 months for the amount I had borrowed originally, without any further interest, must say though, over the past months have paid more in interest than the original loan itself by rolling it over and over, so really they had enough out of me. Try calling, its worth a try!! Let me know how you get on..
  19. Update: Hi sorry its taken a long time to get back, but finally after numerous emails QQ sent through a paypal link to pay the balance off, They would not send it until the interest payment was paid. Have managed to pay most of the loans off apart from one with Minicredit (See separate thread) Have got repayment plan with Lending Stream, and one more payment with Payday Express, (They were surprisingly helpful)!! I just want to say a really big Thank you for all the support and advice the people using this site have given me, could not have coped without it. And also have made a promise to myself, my loyal supportive hubby and kids that I WILL NEVER EVER use these payday loan vultures EVER again. Thanks everyone!!
  20. Hi today I have composed the following letter to send to Minicredit, and further comments/advice would be welcome!! Minicredit – Re your letter dated…….. I have serious concerns re the wording of your letter Quote We have no alternative but to escalate the matter. If full payment is not made by close of business on the .......2010 the matter will be referred to our doorstep collection agent to recover this debt as they see fit. If we are unable to debit full amount on the date stated above we'll start legal action against you ....... 2010. Unquote To enable you to send a bailiff to my home you should in the first instance take me to court, win, get an order, I then have to break the order and then you can send a bailiff. I will not be bullied into making a payment to yourselves. I feel your charges are unjust, and am offering a repayment plan of £... per month without interest or charges being added until account is cleared OR a full and final settlement of £....... - £..... more than I borrowed. I believe your letter is breaking OFT guidelines by the threat of sending someone to my home and demand payment, so a copy of this email will be sent to them. I am also formally requesting a full breakdown of the charges including full dates that interest was applied and at what interest rate on each date. I await your urgent response today. ALSO: The 2 communications I have had from them state different amounts owing, any advice on how to play this one. THANKS
  21. Hi got home from work and received a letter as below:- We have no alternative but to escalate the matter. If full payment is not made by close of business on the 10th October 2010 the matter will be referred to our doorstep collection agent to recover this debt as they see fit. If we are unable to debit full amount on the date stated above we'll start legal action against you 15th October 2010. Can they send an agent to my home??? I thought only a court could action a bailiff?? Also the amount on the letter states total balance due 333.5 when by email is states 237.50. Can anyone advise please!! Starting to loose my marbles with all this. Thanks
  22. Took a £100 loan from this company. Offered them a settlement of £150.00 and have received the following emails from them today... Are they allowed to do this?? Please can someone comment urgently as to where to go from here.... My Hubby getting very stressed and just want to get my mess sorted as soon as so we can get on with our lives... Thanks CAGGERS!! Please read the loan agreement you accepted when taking loan from us. Thank you. Principal: £100 Interest to date: £57,50 First late payment charge: £25 (added 1 day after due date) Second later payment charge: £55 (added 3 days after due date) Debt collection charge: -£100 (added 30th of days afte due date) Total balance today: £237,50 We are not able to accept the settlement offer you made however if you make the payment today then we'll remove manual debt recovery charge £100. The settlement balance would be £237,5. This is last offer from us otherwise we'll forward your case to our lega team. Thank you! The charges have been added to the loan balance according to the Loan agreement.
  23. My pleasure, nothing more stressfull than these monkeys calling you at work, made me feel quite ill everytime the phone rang.
  24. JK1961 I had same problem and sent them this, not had another call since. Copy and send to them. I am writing to express my serious concerns regarding the telephone calls that I have received from your company at my place of employment. I am now formally requesting that all further correspondence be made in writing only and my work telephone number be taken off your records as you are required to do under the Data Protection Act if requested. I demand that these phone calls stop immediately. If you continue to call, you will also be in breach of the Wireless Telegraphy Act (1949) and, as such, I will report you to both Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading.
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