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  1. i have today paid £900 off so £1800 left whcih i can pay Saturday, but they wont do anything to all arrears are cleared. I have not had notice of eviction date yet , platform said they would send letter , and solicitors and courts is this correct , worried sick
  2. Our mortgage company Platform gained a court order in 2008 , as we have been hit and miss with our payments I now have solicitors letter saying the have applied to court of a bailift appointment . the arrears are 2734, i can pay £700 today and my parents are giving us the rest but in 3-5 days as need money transferring, I really need help dont know what to do
  3. please can anyone help, my parets have said they will help to clear arrears but will take time to get the money together
  4. Help please got letter from solicitors to say morgage company have applied for bailiff appointment as order not kept , I have offered payments but they declined , how ling do I get and if I pay arrears will this stop
  5. I have today received a letter from the solictors confirming they have been instructed by their client to enforce the court order granted to them and issue a warrant for possesion of the mortgage property. The have written to court to request a bailifts appointment to be fixed. does this mean its too late and i cant do anything , how long would i normally get , and if i could pay arrears off would this stop this . I have wrote offering proposal but they declined , i have sent in another one but they havent responded help!!!
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