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  1. I found this forum so useful on a previous post, I thought I'd try my luck again ! I haven't worked since March of this year, but have now been offered a post paying £14K per annum (salary calculator makes take home pay around £965 per month). My tax code is 647L, so I know I can early 6475 before I pay tax. Since it's now the end of August and I haven't had any earnings since the start of the new tax year, how will my pay be affected by tax. Will I have a "tax free" period, or will I have to wait until next April and claim a rebate (I'm married if that makes a difference). I'm really looking to find my net wages accurately so I can budget. Thanks in advance ....
  2. Hello everyone. I browsed this site earlier in the week in search of accurate information and this seems to be one site where there's a lot of good, researched, advice....so I'm hoping you can help me. Firstly, I make no excuses for what I did .....a few months ago I took an item (some makeup) which I did not pay for from Morrisons....similar story to one posted by a lady with a bag hung on her arm from M & S. In Morrisons, they have little bags for you to put lipsticks and eyeliner in etc., so that it doesn't slip through the holes in the shopping basket ...... Difference is, when I got to the checkout, I did realise that the bag was not visible by the counter assistant, and just placed the rest of my goods on the conveyor belt. I did think to myself at the time that I was being very stupid and reckless, but continued on anyway (had just lost my job the month before and money was tight). Needless to say, I was stopped and taken to the security office. They then called the police station and an officer was despatched who asked for my details and some identification (which I provided). He then handcuffed me and escorted me to a waiting police car. This was mortifying as it was my local store and I was terrified a neighbour or friend would walk past .... whilst in the car, the officer explained that I would be finger printed and my dna taken, and I would be processed and prosecuted in court. On arrival at the police station, the officer removed my handcuffs and spoke with the custody sergeant who advised the officer that as the goods were worth less than £40, it was a fixed penalty notice event. The officer then took me to a private room and advised me that I was being "de-arrested". I had to state what had happened (he wrote this in his little black book and asked me to sign the bottom of the last page). I was then given a fixed penalty notice for £80 which I immediately paid. I then got a £110 charge from RPL (and immediately paid it). The security woman in Morrisons advised me that I was now banned from all Morrisons stores... I haven't been into the local one since, although my husband is wondering why I suddenly changed supermarkets, but I have been in a different Morrisons in another part of the country...how do they enforce these lifetime bans ? At the end of this (sorry for going on ......) I just wondered in what capacity this will now affect future employment ? I have applied for several jobs which state either crb check or enhanced crb check, and I had also been looking into becoming a foster parent. None of my family or friends know anything about this ...I was too ashamed and disgusted with myself to even try to admit or explain.....any advice would be gratefully received......
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