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  1. Hi Lee Sorry to bother you again. My phone is now (waiting for me to collect it) at the Lowestoft branch. I was planning to attempt to get there today but could not. I'm pleased I didn't, as I've now received a letter from vodafone demanding I pay £150.00 by 4th Oct. When we spoke on the telephone I explained that I don't have that kind of money available. If vodafone take it from my bank account via direct debit......................I'll be bu**ered:-( I suppose the only thing to do is to allow vodafone to keep my mobile. Thank you again for your help with this. Kind
  2. Thanks for telephoning me Lee. Much appreciated. Kind regards Tina
  3. Thanks Lee. I have received a telephone call from Samsung repairs. Apparently, if they are not told to repair it by 5pm today, it will be sent back to me as it is! Kind regards Tina
  4. Hi Silverfox I'm not a 'Suffolker' either, though I did live in Suffolk for 25 years, so maybe I sound 'right' Seriously, the staff there are really helpful now.
  5. I've contacted vodafone online with the CAG 'tag'. The auto response number is 11814026
  6. Lee, you're my final hope, before I lose my last shred of sanity:| April 2012 I purchased a mobile + a monthly contract directly from vodafone. I purchased the phone as I was told that this gave me 24 months warranty. In August ago the phone stopped charging. I contacted vodafone and was told I needed to take it to a store. I'm disabled, so it took me a while to be well enough. I took the phone into vodafone Lowestoft (lovely staff) on Tues 17th Sept. As I'd spotted on the internet that vodafone seem to wriggle out of repairing phones, I asked the staff at the Lowestoft store to
  7. Sorry.............can't offer any help. Just wanted to 'bump' the thread for you, in the hope that it will be noticed.
  8. Yay! That is SUCH great news to read. So happy for you both:-D
  9. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for you too. Best of luck & prayers & hugs etc etc x
  10. Bless you! You SHOULD NOT be under this kind of stress! Wish I could give some advice, rather than just be bl**dy angry on your behalf:mad2: I'm bumping this so somebody can help this poor lady.
  11. I agree. You're all bl**dy wonderful Have a great Christmas x
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