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  1. Thanks Mr Shed Sorry - 'settlement' not 'claim' I guess we're just a little worried about the court costs and proceedings, but do feel that we should be entitled to compensation from the landlord. I think we feel we're owed something, and the law says that is 'three times the deposit', so we just need to agree what is fair between us. I do get the point about this being entirely discretionary. Will the offer of the return of our original deposit affect the validity of our claim for non-protection of deposit?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. No all we have thus far is a verbal for the landlord saying "the estate agent is to blame here, follow up with them". So, out of court, we're only able to claim for our deposit itself...
  3. Hello all. Are there any rules governing or guiding out of court settlements for non protection of our deposit? We've moved out of our property and discovered the estate agent/landlord never protected our deposit. Instead the money was scooted into a black hole by the estate agent, and the police are following up on this. However our legal claim (i believe) is with the landlord not the agent, and any 'understanding' the landlord had with the estate agent is a secondary legal matter. Over 1 month later, we still don't have the deposit back, as it's tangled up between the l
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