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  1. I had mortgage arrears over 6 years ago, the lender went for repo and it was suspended. Arrears paid and back on track etc. Credit history now clear and looking to move. Santander have done a credit check on me and told my mortgage adviser that they have found something serious on my file but won't tell him what it is. I have checked my file and there is nothing on there. Am completely worrying now about what it could be. Have never been bankrupt, no IVA or criminal record so this is the only thing I can think of. Would Santander be able to see this somehow? How can I find out what they've found? without knowing, I can't possibly move forward with anything Thanks
  2. I already donate monthly I could never have done what I have without the invaluable help of this site. I have no doubt I'll be back soon
  3. Will show on the website or will I need to call them? Thanks Also, can someone amend the header, I can't see how I can do that myself?
  4. Update for anyone reading this in the future. I completely ignored Mortimer Clarke and just sat tight. Yesterday, I received notification from them that they are no longer pursuing the claim. Apparently their client does not wish to proceed. Not a massive debt but another small victory against the DCA's. Thanks for all your help. I couldn't have done it without CAG.
  5. Just to update anyone who is reading this thread in the future. Skipton came back to me and after an underwriter looked at my file, they offered me the AIP. Fast forward one week and after an audit, they have apparently changed their minds again! When I've asked the probing questions, it's related to those old arrears on my closed account. They were fine with the CCJ because of the age and the fact it was satisfied. Now I'm completely stuck. GE won't remove those entries and they are on my file for another 6 years. 6 years of either living in a house far too small for my growing family or coming off the property ladder and renting somewhere larger. What a fantastic system we have when I can be penalised for 12 years and have no way of rectifying it.
  6. When a credit search is done, is it recorded with all the credit reference agencies? I can see the search on callcredit but not with equifax or experian?
  7. The IFA said that it wouldn't matter after 3 months? That a new mortgage provider wouldn't care about the previous search? Is that even more BS they've given me?
  8. So I should stop worrying? A song springs to mind............... 'if I could turn back time' Thanks for responding dx
  9. Yes, the score is showing as fair. Everything else on my account is totally green.
  10. Can anyone else offer any other insight into this? I've seen a house earlier than I anticipated when I spoke to an IFA he thought my satisfied CCJ would be no issue. He spoke to a high street lender who said they would still accept me. When they did the credit check, it came back as a decline! I am completely deflated. Will any of the following facts make a difference? 1. My closed account is showing some old arrears, over 5 years ago but it's marked as settled. 2. The new mortgage is not showing on my current file Apparently Engage (my new provider) just decided not to report it my account with the reference agencies. Is there a chance that the lender looked at the closed account because there was no other evidence of paying a mortgage on my file? Can I and should I force Engage to update my credit report so that I have something on there? Could it be just because my credit score is still low? My confusion is that they were told my situation about the CCJ before I applied and they said that would not be an issue. I would really appreciate someone helping me out with this. Thanks
  11. Won't the courts write to say it's no longer proceeding? Am I right in thinking that their 28 days response time will have lapsed?
  12. The claim form for this was issued on 13th January 2016 and I filed my defense on 21st January. Should I not have heard something by now or am I being too enthusiastic?
  13. Even if it's the only mortgage account on there? I spoke to Engage and for some reason, they've made a decision not to record on my credit file. Surely a future mortgage provider will want to see some evidence that I am a good mortgage payer? The only thing they could look at would be my settled mortgage account? If they go into there then they will see it? Or do they not even have access to this information? #veryconfused.com
  14. Hi all I'm writing this with a heavy stomach because I suspect I'm screwed for another 6 years through no fault of my own. I missed mortgage payments over 5 years ago and almost had my home repossessed. Through the help of CAG, I managed to avoid that and got my life back on track. I had a terrible credit file due to a loss of job but I've spend almost the last 6 years trying to ensure I pay everything back and not to make the same mistake again. In October 2015, G E Money sold my mortgage account to Engage Credit. No problem for me, I just make my payments as normal. I have a CCJ which is satisfied and due to drop off my file July 2016. At this point, I was planning to get a high street mortgage and move to a much needed larger house However, having just looked at my Experian file, I notice that the G E Account is filed under closed. No problem there except that the payment history shows that 5 years ago I was in arrears. This would have dropped off by the middle of this year but is now stuck on my file for 6 years from the date of the account closure. Can they do this? Surely it's not fair that I will be penalised for this for another 5+ years just because G E decided to sell my debt on. Had they kept it, those arrears would have naturally fallen off. Can I do anything about this legally or do I just have to suck it up? It seems unfair that I would have been better letting the account default and losing my home. Instead, I dug in, paid the arrears and got myself back on track. Any experience or help with this would be welcome. Thanks
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