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  1. I am currently paying my rent and everything myself. In December 2014 I took out a tenancy on a new house, moved from old place as had too many bedrooms and spent ages trying to find a suitable two bed property not a flat I had to pay the whole six months rent in advance at the time of signing the tenancy. (Through an estate agents). Because i have no guarantor as both my parents are dead and no siblings this is now the norm it seems. I have money to pay the next six months in advance in June I can set aside, which will then leave me with around £9,500 to date. I am not getting an
  2. I went round and talked to neighbours and they said in summer garden was horrendously overgrown and they had to complain to the previous agent. It was making an eyesore on the street being empty and in a state. Gone with my gut instinct that he would be a bad landlord, phoned agent and withdrew my application. To be honest the lady who showed me round said she completely understood. Maybe they know it is not that clever themselves as someone said.
  3. It is a chain of estate agents that are the letting agents. Paying the 6 months upfront is not an issue moneywise. I don't know whether it was the way the agent talked to me like I was a "dodgy" applicant or whether it is the condition of the property when it was put on their books, ie with the painting and lock not sorted first that is putting me off. Plus it has been empty for quite a while. If the property is needing work before the tenancy starts, how do I know that there are not other things wrong when I move in, and how quickly things would be rectified, not as much incentive
  4. I am hoping to move to a property with more parking available now that my daughter has passed her test. There is no room for two cars at my present property. I rented privately after a divorce, was not working and my daughter was then at school. I have been renting my current property for 8 years with never a late payment on the rent. I have not been working for last few years as I was a full time carer for my father who has now passed. I viewed a property through a letting agency and decided I wanted to take on a lease. I can provide a landlord reference, a character referen
  5. Thanks for that. Maybe something to consider re short term rental for house buyers prior to completion. As I said daughter will not even consider living in house due to the fire and her grandads death so moving in is not an option. She is 18 so not as if I can force her to.
  6. Thanks It sold after three weeks of going up, then they lost their buyer. Sold again three weeks later and again lost their buyer due to bad survey. I have been so unlucky all round with it!! Coming up to quiet time for house buying before Xmas that is the problem. Least worst case scenario is I have a couple of months but even with rent there is not enough money for bills and food:( Just dont want to get no reference for a new rental if I am evicted Dont think I can rent it would have to be a minimum of 6 months and I would need it gone before then. Would be scared
  7. Yes have done all that probate has been granted. I have already spoken to land registry when I wanted to see how much it cost to put into my name They told me if it was to be sold then I did not have to put it into my name as I am also the executor. My solictor will just need to send copy of will and grant of probate and death certificate when they are doing the conveyancing. This was confirmed by my solicitor when I had a buyer and I gave her the deeds etc.
  8. Yes I inherited the house. It is still in fathers name but can be sold by me as I am sole heir and executor of the will. Council are aware that property is for sale and empty and as I am claiming HB for my home I am renting now and not receiving any income from the property it is OK. This came up with regards to council tax. Seems because it is not in my name, it is not yet my asset until I receive the proceeds from the sale or the property is put into my name, they are aware of the situation. I have no option but to sell it as I have had to borrow money to repair the house after the
  9. I am still getting housing benefit but there is a shortfall of £165 a month and I have over £200 a month in direct debits for utiities. Gas and electric alone is £90 a month. I have borrowed as much as I can and have no more funds available after this month of topping up rent and living food etc
  10. After a nightmare 6 months I now find myself in a really bad financial position. Basically my father died in a house fire in April and I was his carer. It turned out the house was uninsured so all the money from his bank accounts and money borrowed was spent on repairing the property so it could be sold. As his carer for the last 10 years I was receiving Carers Allowance, top up Income Support, Housing Benefit and Tax Credits as daughter is student. The CA and IS stopped after a run on period of 10 weeks (although IS was overpaid because they claim that the phone call that stopped
  11. Good news a couple of people have managed to get a straight swap for a much better hotel, one which previously they were told was not possible: Hopefully armed with that the others can insist on the same hotel, or at least on another of the same standard. This was one they have been told they had to pay extra for before. Think they quoted what I posted up before about hotel of same standard so maybe that worked or they have just had so many complaints they caved. lets face it in their present position they don't need to lose any more customers
  12. This is at least a dozen people on tripadvisor forum so I don't know what position they are in as to regards changing travel dates. Mainly the people going in July as it is only a few weeks away. Hopefully people booked September and october may get a better deal. They are working through the bookings in date order at moment so all the issues raised affect the July travellers. If some have to accept a refund then they cannot book anything for the same price in the same area, Thomas Coolk have kept them waiting weeks for an alternative to be offered, advising them not to cancel. By wa
  13. So the people who would end up having to pay an extra £1000+ to go to a hotel that had similiar facilities can claim compensation for extra expense due to loss of bargain, enjoyment, out of pocket expenses? The hotel they are offering has no aqua slides, half the restaurants and is not 24 hour AI so considerable difference to the hotel originally booked and was £500 cheaper at the time of booking and they are only offering £5 per person refund per night. That's £140 refund per couple for a hotel that was £500 cheaper so they are making £360!!. Has very bad reviews about food poisonin
  14. Withdrawal by consumer pursuant to regulation 12 and cancellation by organiser 13.—(1) The terms set out in paragraphs (2) and (3) below are implied in every contract and apply where the consumer withdraws from the contract pursuant to the term in it implied by virtue of regulation 12(a), or where the organiser, for any reason other than the fault of the consumer, cancels the package before the agreed date of departure. (2) The consumer is entitled— (a) to take a substitute package of equivalent or superior quality if the other party to the contract is abl
  15. Firstly |I am not asking for myself but for people who have ended up in this situation Booked holiday for a five star plus Thomas Cook Style property that was to be a new build. Given good prices as it is a new hotel. Beginning of March based on comments on Tripadvisor and Turkish forum it was apparent that the building had been stopped as the builders had breached building regs and tourism ministry ordered hotel to be demolished, builder refused and paid a huge fine. Building is sat as an empty shell and builder being taken to court. People started contacting the tour operato
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