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  1. If anybody is able to help I would be most grateful.
  2. Hi all, I made a big mistake and took out a Ladder Loans loan for £400. Two days later I awoke in a sweat and knew I needed to make good this awful error. I telephoned them and notified them of my intention to cancel under the CCA 1974. I paid the balance of £401.61 and asked them if it would be registered to the CRAs. They said it would, which I found hard to swallow. I have cancelled the credit agreement in the cooling-off period and believe they cannot record the loan with the CRAs. Am I right in thinking this? Also, they have emailed me confirming settlement of the loan, not cancellation of the credit agreement. Are they trying to pull a fast one here? Any help is gratefully received. Thanks.
  3. I know it's an old thread now, but just wanted to update and say I finally received the letter a few months ago. Thanks for the advice guys.
  4. Hello All. I have a CCJ which was registered in November 2009 and satisfied in June 2012. I have been waiting since 4th January 2014 for a letter of satisfaction from Bryan Carter Solicitors. I phoned them today and they say they are still waiting for Co-op to validate the evidence I sent in. Apparently, they will contact Co-op but cannot tell me how much longer it might take. Does anybody have any advice about what I should do next? Many Thanks, Tenant_B
  5. Fair enough, it seems I will just have to remain there and do as you said, write a letter to obtain sole use of the store room. If she still refuses to remove her possessions from the room and give me a key, what are my legal rights? What can I do to enforce these rights? BTW the access is off a communal area. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi Mr Shed Thanks for your help. I will consider doing what you have said but before I do, have they not already broken the terms of the contract by not providing keys and refusing to remove theri possessions from the stroe room that was adverttised and let for our sole use?
  7. Thanks for all your repsonses. Mr Shed: It's a self contained flat in a block but the landlord does not live there. We do want to pick our battles and that is why we are trying to negotiate with the landlord but she is being very unreasonable and will not negotiate even tohugh we simply cannot afford to pay the whole amount plus live somewhere else. The estate agent wants to take us to court if we move out and do not pay rent but we want to negotiate settlement or reduced payment for the time being. We don't really want to change locks because we want to be as amicable as possible. Callumsgran: The store room is in the inventory and is in the advert for the flat which we still have. Seftonview: The AST is for 12 months. The AST states it is for our sole use and the landlord is interfering with our enjoyment by storing her belongings there and not providing us with a key. We do not want it to go to court and are trying very hard to negotiate. We are prepared to make some very fair offers. E.g. 6 months rent up front in full and final settlement OR two thirds of the rent each month for the entire term of the contract. Are these terms attractve or fair or should we offer less???? Thanks for the help guys!!!
  8. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice on how to resolve a dispute we are having with our landlord and estate agent. Mid-July my girlfriend and I signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement to rent a one bedroom flat with sole use of an external store room/study (outside flat but still in building) and sole use of a terrace. Since then everything has started to go wrong. The landlord came in the day after we signed the tenancy and removed the keys for the store room/study, post box and terrace. We returned to the property a few days later and found these keys missing so asked the estate agent to enquire as to where they had got to. The estate agent acquired the terrace keys and brought them round to the flat about a week later. About a week after this the estate agent came round again to remove some furniture that had been left in the flat, even though we let it unfurnished, so we asked about the remaining keys. They became very shirty and said that they were not even managing the property and they were doing us a favour in removing the furniture. Once we managed to calm them down they said that the landlord had posted the post box key to us! This was obviously a problem and we asked about the store room key, to which they did not give us an answer. This is a problem because the landlord has stated that she does not want to let us use the store room, even though it was advertised for our sole use and the estate agent has confirmed this in writing. Eventually the landlord conceded that we can share it with her but this is not what we agreed and now she is storing her belongings in there and will only let us have a key if we agree to her terms and go and get a copy cut (at our expense) from another estate agent she is trying to sell the property with. We rented the property under the assumption that we would have sole use of the store room as there is inadequate storage space within the flat. Additionally neither the estate agent nor the landlord is accepting responsibility for managing the property and we have contacted them stating that we no longer wish to live there and have tried to negotiate terminating the contract. They have flat out refused to negotiate and now want to take us to court. So: Do we have grounds to terminate contract due to misrepresentation and insufficient keys being provided? Are we obliged to get our own keys cut at our expense? Can the estate agent take us to court when the rent is paid directly to the landlord's bank account? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated whether it is in our favour or not. Thanks in advance
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