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  1. I'm unable to take any time away from work through the week and as you know, DVLA offices only open weekdays. If I fill in a V55 and sign it, would a family member be ok to take them to the office for me along with my driving license, passport, MOT, and utility bill?
  2. I'm really not sure to be honest, I wasn't involved with any of it. I was just told I had full access to the van and all expenses paid by claiming back the diesel. I never really questioned it as I belive the employer takes care of that side of things? I think the best way to resolve this is for them to pay the tax on the benefit in kind of fuel each month. It would work out around £40-50 per month, assuming that fuel claimed back is done at 22% also?
  3. Now i'm even more confused than I was when I came here! lol. Why do they have to make it so complicated and grey? I was thinking, if personal fuel needs to be taxed, I worked out that at 22% (I think this is the amount of tax charged on a benefit in kind..?) it would work out to be around £40 per month. If they were simply to increase my salary by this amount of each month, it would allow the tax to be covered and this way my employer would be meeting our agreement still. Does this sound like a good option?
  4. Thanks for the welcome and prompt reply! I do indeed travel to the same office each morning I don't get taxed on the van, they cover all the insurance, tax, servicing etc. and at the moment I simply fill the van and hand in my receipt with a claims form to get the full amount back. I wasn't aware of any 'P11D' forms or any other kind of forms to fill out. I guess this isn't my area and it's impossible to know all these facts and grey areas. I would have thought that my employers would be the ones that should be aware of the rules, it shouldn't be up to staff to investigate this I would imagine..? By all means, I'm not trying to throw any blame around and certainly don't want to avoid any taxes, i'm an extremely honest person and always pay my way, but it was something that my previous company offered me and something that was agreed again where I currently am. I guess what I want to know before confronting them about this issue is, am I right to request a pay rise to cover the costs of what was initially agreed, or do they have to pay the tax on this benefit to keep within regulations? I feel like they are trying to make me decide between either continuing as is, with all responsibility on my shoulders, or declare the benefit and 'take it on the chin' so to speak. I feel very confused/upset right now at the attitude of my director.
  5. Hi people. I hope I've posted in the right section here! I joined a company around 10months ago and it was agreed that I had use of a fully expensed van with both personal and business petrol included as part of my benefit package. It was a perk that I had at my previous role and just something that I suggested here as my other vehicle isn't viable to commute with due to both sound and cost. My company have recently found small print recently that states that as the van isn't a pool van (it comes home with me each night) that it shouldn't be done this way and that I will have to either declare this or continue as is, but that it's MY responsibility if I were to get caught even though it was something that was both a verbal and written agreement via email by the company director. I suggested that my salary be increased to roughly the same amount that it costs me each month to not only keep legal, but to save on hassle signing off forms and keeping receipts each month. He clearly doesn't want to do this and completely avoided the question and put it back in my court in that it's my choice what I want to do. Surely this is something that they should have investigated as a company before agreeing and should honour this agreement by either covering the tax themselves or agreeing to my salary increase as above to meet their agreement? Any advice much appreciated. Kind regards, Clive
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