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  1. Hi - I too am trying to find oput as much as I can about the law in relation to the overdrafts - so this is great. Please update and let us know the outcome...
  2. Dear All I have a bit of a complicated situation with Lloyds. Have had a joint account with my ex husband I think about 5 to 6 years ago. When I separated (and ultimately divorced) the account was overdrawn about £4000. I had no direct contact with the bank for a number of years I was unwell after the separation and the divorce and it took me years to get better - at the time of separation my ex agreed to take that account over and to deal with it "repay it" with my name still on it. I wrote to the bank and called them to say that I have separated and that they should take my name of it however, they refused it and my ex also refused to close it as he needed to have an account....(due to the various reasons he couldnt open another account). I left the situation the way it was as I was not in a fit state to deal with it at the time. I did get a few letters over the years from Lloyds saying that the account was overdrawn but nothing in the last year. After that it went quite...I assumed that he has paid it off. However, he didnt and has gone missing. Lloyds is not chasing me for the money but I really want to get my name of it and sort it out. I have obtained a credit report and have seen that Lloyds have put Default on my credit report sometime last year - this could mean that it was in D but was later sorted who knows? I think that over the years Lloyds must have allowed my ex to have a larger overdraft and also charged huge interest - I think that the account may now be about 5000 - 6000 overdrawn but as I have no access to it I have no idea. A couple years ago my ex has gone bankrupt but Lloyds decided to keep his account running despite this and asking him for monthly payments which were higher then his administrator was getting. What I would like ideally is this: - speak to the lloyds manager and request access to the account - request all the documents from the bank to see what I am liable for ( I do understand about joint and several liability). The bank was aware that we have separated and been in formed that the account was in dispute - but did nothing to freez it. - negotiate with the bank to pay half or some of the money owed but not all - close the account Your help: - if you would be able to give me some pointers as to the law and the way banks operate - can they just keep running the joint account and increasing the overdraft without the other party actually being able to do anything about it? - when my ex went bankrupt and the bank continuing to run the account was that something I could/should use in my negotiation with the bank? - interest charges to this account must be in the region of 7000 pounds over the last 10 years (I have actually held this account with my ex for about 10 years before we separated and divorced) - can or should I do anything about that? I really want to pay off what I must by the law however I do not want to pay for my ex what I do not need to. My bills are always paid on time and my credit record (apart from this) is excellent and I intend to keep it that way - however, I need to sort this out and would really appreciate any help... Thank you all so much...
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