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  1. Hi DX, i mean Planning department confirmed that they have not found any such information, but also said that there might be some information on traffic department but they are not sure of that. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  2. Hi DX, I am not sure unless if they maintain any records other than planning dept, they said there are other conditions like blue badge holders, loading only but not about the overstay. Can i now appeal to POPLA? Thanks & Regards Krishna
  3. Hi DX, I have ranged planning department and they have checked the records and said that there aren't any such conditions or consent given. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  4. Hi Eric, I have tried to contact Hounslow council parking department, but they couldn't able to provide any information. I am not sure where from i can get the details, any pointers. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  5. Hi, I got response from the parking eye for the above appeal. I have been asked to provide evidence of purchases made in the store at ALDI on the date and time mentioned on the PCN to consider the appeal further. I have taken the letter to ALDI Manager and i told him that i have been trying to meet him but he was on holiday. The Manager asked me the date, time and amount of purchase done based on that he searched and provided me the purchase receipt. I have sent the receipt to parking eye through email and post as well. Now i got another letter saying: Thankyou for your correspondence in relation to the parking charge incurred on 13 May 2017 at 18:37 at ALDI Hounslow car park. You have provided the evidence of purchase. However, please be advised that this did not meet the discretionary criteria set by the landowner in this case. We are therefore writing to advise you that your recent appeal has been unsuccessful and that you have now reached the end of our internal appeals procedure This is because you have not provided sufficient evidence to show that you did not break the terms and conditions on the signage. Also i have been provided with POPLA Ref Number. Please advice. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  6. Thank you for all your responses. I spoke with Aldi Assistant Manager as manager was on holiday. I couldn't able to find the receipt on the day of the fine issued, but i have shown him the recent receipts which i have paid with my card. He said he will speak with manager and will let me know the outcome. I have ranged him and to the store several times but there was no response. Today i have sent an appeal by post by using the above template and i have taken the certificate of posting for the reference. I will keep you posted once i have an update from Parking Eye. Thank you for all your valuable advice's. Regards Krishna
  7. Hi, I have attached the Parking charge notice as PDF by hiding identifying information. Thanks & regards Krishna Parking Eye1.pdf Parking Eye.pdf
  8. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, please find the below requested information. 1 Date of the infringement 13 May 2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] Date issued: 18 May 2017 3 Date received 21 May 2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? yes, but all you can see is a car registration plate and 2 headlights 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal]Not yet Have you had a response? [Y/N?] 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Eye 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] the parking Charge Notice states ALDI Hounslow For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There's a BPA logo at the top of the page, but no specific mention in the letter. It says appeal to Parking Eye and details of POPLA shall be provided if unsuccessful. Letter header states member of BPA but their appeals service is not mentioned Thanks & Regards Krishna
  9. I have read through a number of posts to try and assertain my position in respect to a recent Parking Charge Notice issued to me for overstaying in a Aldi car park for 10 mins. The vehicle parked in a space at the Aldi supermarket. Signs state that the maximum FREE parking time is one and half hours, the stay according to PE was 1hrs 40 mins. There wasn't any machine to extend the stay at the car park. I got my Parking charge notice through post i have overstayed for 10 mins, can you please advice. Thanks & Regards Krish
  10. Thank you DX and FK for your valuable suggestions. I will ignore Control Acc but do i need to speak with Fedex for the above invoice or ignore them as well. Please advice. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  11. I would be grateful for some advice. I occasionally get some eatables and pickles from India using Fedex courier services. My father paid the charges for the courier services in India and declared the item value which was 15£. I have received the parcel without any issues. After 3 weeks time i got an Invoice letter from Fedex for the payment of 30£ for Duty and Tax. In the Invoice its clearly mentioned that the total value of the goods was 19£ and Fedex was asking me to pay the Duty and Tax of 30£. I have attached the Invoice. I have called Fedex and queried them about the invoice, they said some miscalculation will send another one, but again they have sent the same Invoice of 30£. After few weeks later i got a call and a Message from Controlaccount saying ' Please contact Controlaccount quoting reference number **** in relation to Fedral Express Europe Inc'for which i did not reply. I have called Fedex again and queried them about the invoice, this time they have asked me to send an email to customerservice explaining the situation. I have sent them an email and got a reply from them saying 'Having investigated the matter in more detail, the invoice on this occasion has been issued correctly. The charges have been levied by the local Customs authorities in the destination Country. Please find attached a breakdown to show how the charges have been calculated (Breakdown attached). In the breakdown the value of the goods was showing as 76$, i am not sure how they got this number. The initial Goods value as per the invoice is not matching the breakdown which they have send me through an email. Please advice. Thank you Krish Fedex Breakdown.pdf
  12. Hi Sam & spirit tamer, Thanks for all of your advices. Let me clear you on the above discussions. Auction price cars ltd is owned by a dealer, who provided me an warranty insurance with Auto protect (http://www.autoprotect.net) for 6 months. The update from the previous post: Trading standard has comeback and said that they couldn't find the address and also asked few questions about how I have paid the payments. If it is with a credit card, using rule 75 possibility to claim by credit card company. After that I have forwarded the right address and the website details to the trading standard and they said they will come back on that. Last Tuesday 18th I have attended the appointement with CAB, I have explained clearly about what has happened. CAB has send an Letter Before Actiont letter to Auction Price Cars Ltd asking to act within 14 days, if not legal action will be taken. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  13. Hi Sam, As you said I spoke with CAB and explained everything about my case, they have taken all my paperwork photocopies and gave me an appointment on Dec 18, meanwhile they asked me to contact trading standards and legal advice team for second opinion to process my case quicker. I have spoke to trading standards team and explained the same, they said they will come back in 3 days time ( waiting for response from TS) I have spoken to legal advice team, but it didn't help much . They asked me to go ahead with CAB process Thanks & Regards Krishna
  14. The new owner is saying that this is a new business and also said that they are changing the name of the company as well. Today again I called the warrant people, they said that my warranty is with auction price cars not directly with auto protect and we tradein on behalf auction price cars it's like administration. What is CAB process and how I should start? Thanks & Regards Krishna
  15. Hi Sam, Thanks for quick reply. The business has been sold to some x party, who don't have any connections with existing business queries. I went to the x party and explained the same but they are not ready to listen at all. All they say is we don't have anything to do with the past. I bought my car in last week of may 2012. Initially I was given 6 months warranty from may 2012 to nov 2012, after 3 months the dealer came back and said that, the issued warranty was not registered properly and again they issued another one from aug 2012 to feb 2012. I don't know the procedure how to report to trending standards. Is there any application form online? Thanks & Regards Krishna
  16. I recently purchased a 2004 Mercedes Benz S-Class 3.2Td S320 CDI from the dealer Auction price cars along with an AMA(Autoprotect administration) Gold warranty. There was some problem with navigation system at the time of purchase and the dealer promised that he will fix that issue using the warranty which he provided. I was asked to come after 3 or 4 weeks time and after that there was no response from the dealer for 2 months. later on i came to know that the dealer sold his business. Now I am facing serious problems with my car, displaying engine problems on the dashboard. I ranged to my warranty company and explained the issues I am facing with the car and asked them to fix by using my warranty, but now auto protect warranty company says that they cannot process my claim as my dealer has sold his business, so they cannot process my claim and said that my warranty is invalid. I have paid for the warranty and it is valid until 08/02/2013 and I have the warranty document. Even I have dropped several mails and text messages to my dealer, but he never responded to my emails. I have spoke to my dealer several times, he said he will fix that but I don't have any written confirmation. Now I don't know what to do, please help on this. Thanks in advance Regards Krishna
  17. Hi Martin, Thank you very much for all your support and advice. Finally atleast the E.on has come back to sort out the issue. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  18. Hi Malc, As you said, i rang to erroneous team. They took all my details and did some investigation and they realized that they have mistakenly taken over my supply. Today i received a call from E-on and said that they will sort out the issue either by ringing to scottish gas to takeover or if not, E.on will recalculate the actual bill period. This whole process will take about 3 weeks they said. Lets see what happens. Thank you very much for the advice Malc. Regards Krishna
  19. Hi Malc, Thanks for understanding the situation. Now what would be the next step, do you want me to call up Erroneous team and sort it out. In case if they don't agree what i have to do? Regards Krishna
  20. Hi Martin, Thanks for all the responses, i will act accordingly as you said. Regards Krishna
  21. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the responses. From today i will record all the calls The debt collection agency is UDS, they contacted by phone. I am waiting for the evidence from scottish gas, they said it will take 14 days to send all the information in regards to this query. Regards Krishna
  22. Hi Everyone, I am seeking some advice on supplier change without my permission I was a customer for Scottish gas from the period 18th Feb 2011 to Jun 17th 2011, I have paid all the bills accurately. One week before vacating the house I rang Scottish gas and informed that my move out date was 17th June 2011 and asked them to generate my final bill. I haven’t received my final bill till 17th June, then myself I have rang Scottish gas and paid my final bill for gas and electricity. I thought the chapter is closed, but recently I got a call from debt collection agency saying that I have to pay gas and electricity bill for the E.on supplier(new supplier) from the period 5th June to June 17th 2011 for the amount of £120. I was annoyed and shocked, how come the E.on became my supplier without my knowledge. I explained everything about my existing supplier and the payments I have made , but debt collecting agency is not ready to listen what I am saying. Immediately I have called Scottish gas and explained about the same. The Scottish gas looked into the account and said that the final bill was calculated until 5th June and thereafter contract was taken by E.ON from 28th may. Scottish gas asked me to call to E-on and discuss about what was happened. Immediately I have called E.on and explained about the same, but E.on was saying that I have changed the contract on online, this is another shock for me. I don’t even know about E.on at all and the e-on was saying that myself I switched the account. Now what I have to do, how can I sort out this issue. 1) I got all the evidences that one month notice period prior to vacating the house, which explains what would be the need to change the supplier when I am vacating the house. 2) Scottish gas is ready to provide me the evidence that I have rang them before vacating the house for the final bill. From the above 2 evidences how I should approach if I want to take this to court. Here I am suspecting my agency, because they are the one who holds all my information. Initially when I moved into the property they have suggested me to go to E.on through Energy links. I said no and I have choose Scottish gas as my supplier and signed contract with them. At a later time also I got lot of issues with the property and I have escalated to the agency. They never listened my complaints and at one point I lost my job just because of the agency. Even the agency has not returned my deposit until 3 months. After hundred’s of calls they have deducted some amount and returned my deposit. I got all the email communication with the agency from move-in date to move date, explaining what problems I have with the property and how they troubled me. Please help me out how i can resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance Krishna
  23. Hi Experts, Could you please advice me how to go ahead with my case. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  24. Hi Mr shed Deposit was not protected. I haven't signed any inventory and the owner doesn't stay here, his son looks after this property. The owner son is student, every month he will come and collect rent. The rent includes all bills including council tax. I don't pay any bills seperately, everything included in rent. Thanks & Regards Krishna
  25. Hi Experts, Last year i found a property on Gumtree and moved on to the property on 1st september 2010. I signed a contract for 1year and as per the contract agreement, i stayed one year in the property. I payed deposit and one month rent in advance. While moving out i gave one month notice and after one month i moved out from the property. The owner said he will return my advance after the arrival of final bills of gas and electricity. After 15 days i gave a call to my owner again, he said many reasons like no proper cleaning, bills are more and said he spend lot of money for painting, cleaning and also said that he is going to send me a copy of bills. While moving out i have cleaned the house for 2 days and handed over to the owner. After that he was not lifting my call and he didn't send any bills to me. Now what i should do to get my deposit back. How can i appeal to the court. Thanks & Regards Krishna
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