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  1. I've just received the exact same email. I've had porevious loans with quickquid but always paid them in full on time. The last one I had was at least 2 years ago. Not sure if I should contact them or not at this point?
  2. The change of circumstances form did detail both the lump sum and monthly payments however I can't find a new award notice from around that time to confirm this eventhough her payments reduced after this. I'm not sure if copies were taken of her bank statements and what they showed - sorry. I did ask my mum but she is in such a state that she can't really remember what happened and when. She's convinced that she is going to prison, can someone please tell me if this is likely? Thanks
  3. I've just looked what 'deprivation of capital' is and yes you're right it could very well be seen as that. However I did tell them in the change of circumstances form that my mum had received this money so we were upfront about it. The thing is, our family have never EVER claimed any benefits so this is all new to us and unfortunately it looks like we have made some mistakes, albeit innocent ones. I'm just so worried for my mum.
  4. Thanks for your response. The people that she owed money to were me and my brother, not companies. I've had a look through her bank statements and they clearly show that cheques were issued to us shortly after she received the money. Do you think this will this be a problem?
  5. Hi, I know that there are a lot of posts about this but I've been reading them all weekend and can't find one similar to my mum's situation. I understand what happens and the reasons these interviews take place but would like some advice on how we should go ahead. Basically my mum collects her state pension and claims housing benefit and council tax benefit. She has never claimed any benefits before as she has worked her whole life. When she retired she had been suffering from depression/anxiety so our family friend was dealing with her redundancy options and secured her a payout of £20,000 and monthly payments of £250. The £20,000 was paid out to people she owed money to within one week of it being paid into her account. When she made her housing beneft/council tax claim this redundancy money/pension hadn't been sorted yet, as soon as it was I sent a change of circumstnces form with a covering letter off the the council. The next month her payments were reduced so we assumed that this was why although there is no confirmation of this in her paperwork (she has copies of everything) My mum then had 2 separate visits from the council about pension credits to check her bank statements and to discuss her pension and oher finances. This was 18 months ago, then on Friday she received an Interview Under Caution letter. I have spent all weekend going through her paperwork wth a fine tooth comb and the notes from the second visit say that she told them that she doesn't have a private pension which of course she does. I think that this is where the problem lies. My mum is now having panic attacks, can't sleep and is convinced that she is going to prison. It's awful. I am going to the interview with her but I'm not sure how involved I am allowed to be and I am also going to arrange for a solicitor to come with us. Because of my mums health I am also dealing with numerous creditors on her behalf. My mum has never been in trouble before and at the time of all this she was on a lot of medication and was off work for months with depression and anxiety, we have all the copies of sick notes for this. She said that during the home visits they asked her lots of questions and she found it all very confusing so that is when she thinks that she told them the wrong information. She said that they kept going on about different types of pensions, credits and benefits and she has obviously said the wrong thing. I'm not even sure she will cope with the interview on Friday let alone waiting to see if they prosecute. She says that she can't cope with the shame of it all. She has never claimed anything in her whole life. I have told her that I will pay the money back for her so not to worry about that but it is the fact that she may be prsoecuted for this that is scaring her to death. Does anyone have any advice or ideas what might happen? Sorry it's so long. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone,I had a credit card debt with MBNA, couldn't pay so I received a letter from them saying that have passed it onto Fredricksons to collect. I have just received a request for immediate payment (£3500ish) from Fredricksons but I'm unsure how to proceed.I'm thinking that some of that is charges, late payment fees so I should send SAR?Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I've been reading about them and their tactics so I'd like to get it right first time!Thanks
  7. Does anyone else have any experiences/advice to share? I'm still worried about them turning up at my door!
  8. Thanks, that was EXACTLY what I wanted Do you think they will turn up, I don't but I'm a bit anxious because my mum will be at my house looking after my baby
  9. Hi, I was in dispute with an old insurance company that I used a couple of years ago, they claimed that I owed money to them for not cancelling an agreement in time when actually I put it in writing and cancelled my direct debit, they just said that they didn't get any cancellation notice so I owed them the insurance premiums for that year. I argued with them on the phone that I didn't owe them the money then heard no more about it until..... About a month ago I got a letter from Daniels Silverman saying that I had to pay just over £200 plus over £100 of fees to them within 7 days. They must have bought the debt. I sent off the 'I dont owe the money, don't chase me because you are third party and the account is in dispute' letter and today I received an 'appointment notice' saying a local investigation agent will visit my property to 'discuss the pending legal case against you by our above named client.' I'd like to point out that they are based in Liverpool and we live a good few hundred miles away! So what should I do now? I'm thinking a trespass/harassment letter? Any advice or templates would be ace Thanks so much xxx
  10. Hi, Just a bit of an update....I wrote a letter to the judge and enclosed my budget sheet with it prior to my court date which the judge did read before the hearing and I really think that this helped as I didn't have to say much. The outcome was that the judge upheld my monthly payment but also gave MBNA permission to apply for a charging order. I explained to the judge that I was 3 months behind in my mortgage payments,and had a letter to prove it, but it didnt make any difference. I also told him that it would be reposessed in the near future and that I am going to rent so I wont be a homeowner much longer. Again that didn't change anything. MBNA didnt even turn up which I was relieved about. Let them have the charging order, I wont own the house in a few months time anyway. The main issue for me was keeping my monthly payment and it not increasing which happened. Anyway Im really really pleased with the outcome so thankyou to everyone that took the time to reply to my post, it really is very much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I've written a covering letter to go with my personal budget sheet and want it attached to my case notes but who do I address it to? I have no idea who the judge is so do I just send it addressed to the court manager? Im a bit confused about this and have googled it but got different answers! It is a redetermination hearing at Nottingham County Court. Thanks in advance
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