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  1. Hi I have recently approached my creditors with pro rata payment offers. Having had my working hours reduced I am finding I am not keeping on top of my finances. Capital One are one of my creditors and having approached them with my personal budget all I seem to be receiving are standard letters from them. They are now asking for bank statements, wage slips and copies of other creditor statements. Am I correct in thinking that I am not obliged to provide such information? I do not feel comfortable providing details of my bank statements not with the amount of ID fraud around. I just wondered if anyone else has been asked for such information and what to do about it?
  2. Hello I'm new to this site but have been reading your threads. I'm in 'negotiations' with Cap One or should I say 'Crap One'! It seems there is a case of 'letter ping pong' going on at the moment. I sent letters to all my creditors last month together with a personal budget which I completed on the National Debtline website. Egg came straight back with a letter accepting my pro rata payments. Catalogues have been churning out what seems to be a standard letter refusing point blank but I will be paying pro rata payments to them this month whether accepted or not! Crap One and Santander have both written to me asking for copy bank statements, wage slips and other creditor statements. Now having taken advice from Debtline they advise I am not obliged to provide such info to them and I have written to them to this effect. I've set up standing orders to all creditors but I just seem to be bombarded with standard letters, Egg have been the only company to play ball. Very stressed already and this is only the first month of being bombarded with letters and phone calls, suffice to say, I have not been answering phone calls! I reiterate in every letter I send that they are to contact me in writing only. Its good to read all these threads to know I'm not the only one in this situation, even if I am loosing sleep over it!!
  3. According to National Debtline I am not 'obliged' to provide anymore information apart from the personal budget. I am happy to 'meet them half way' with copies of personal information but won't be offering that just yet! As for the catalogue companies who have churned out exactly the same letter to me, I shall make the pro rata payments at the end of the month via standing order and wait for the fireworks I guess! Would just be good to hear from people who have been in the same situation, its obviously a stressful and worrying time :-/
  4. Hi guys New to this site but have been reading some of the threds and it seems there is a lot of advice available here. I am employed but due to the recession my salary has been reduced. I have been made redundant from a part time job I took to make up for my loss in earnings. Basically, I'm starting to sink in debt so have now taken a grip of things and contacted my creditors. I have had advice from National Debtline and approached my creditors with a personal budget (available on the National Debtline website) and offered pro-rata payments to all creditors. Egg were the first to reply within a week accepting my offer, no questions asked! I was slightly shocked by this as having read other peoples dealings with Egg I thought I'd have fun and games with them! Anyway, it seems Capital One and Santander Bank are asking for copies of bank statements, proof of earnings and statements from other creditors. I have written back to them stating I've taken advice from National Debtline and I am not obliged to provide any such information. They have received my personal budget so this really should be enough! Standing orders have been set up for all my other creditors, which include catalogue companies, most of which have churned out a standard letter saying they will not accept my pro rata payments but I shall be making these payments this month anyway. So basically, I just need to know that I've done everything right so far, I'm not contacting any creditors by phone as I've been advised to keep everything in writing. Has anyone else been requested to provide personal information such as bank statements and wage slips etc? Surely with the risk of identity fraud these days its a bit risky!
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