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  1. Hi, I work for local government in a leisure centre, this centre is part of a large building that is shared with a pct and council leisure facility. There is a shared atrium that holds a public cafe. My shift today should have been 2.30pm till 10.30 pm but like many I decided to strike. I was on the picket line from around 8.30 am, around 10.30 I spoke to the cafe owner who said he was happy for us to use his cafe facility. I then proceded to enter the shared atrium and got a brew from the cafe, my manager then came up and told me I was not allowed to enter the building. I poi
  2. Has the company got a CCTV policy?? They should have, they should of also stated in that policy what they are using the CCTV for. If they have gone with the age old security and safety then you may be able to argue that the policy does not reflect that it can be used to monitor staff practice or enforcement of procedure. Unless the CCTV shows something that could be criminal then it should only be used for the purposes listed, if not there could be a DPA issue. If they pass to the police and they act then that could be fair enough, it's a criminal matter by the police, if they have
  3. I was informed last Monday I was to be under investigation remarks I am supposed to have made to another employee. If there are no other witnesses and I have not said them then how does natural justice prevail? Can they still give me a sanction just because they wish to do so?? I beleive it's coming from a manager I have never got on with and he is just looking to throw his weight about? Thoughts would be much welcome! Ta ;-)
  4. Would you say; Mr x has slipped on the water on the steps, mr z also slipped prior to this, the steps have been highlighted as a hazard previously but the templet measures are obviously not working. This was the crux of a email sent 5 months before I slipped, plus meeting minutes with it highlighted as far back as 2008, plus other similar emails. I'd say liability will be hard to for them to argue!!
  5. I have not reported to dwp, but may do so. I seem to remember something to the likes of the emails or memos being company property and you could be held accountable for breaches of trust to remove or fwd without authorisation, not sure if applies to same principles in a claim situation?
  6. Hi,, I have recently placed a claim for a personal injury that happened at work 11 months ago. I fell and injured my knee, this was due to a leak on a stairwell that has been reported for 4 years to date, still not fixed! I was off work for 6 weeks and on crutches for 8 weeks or so. I reported the problems of the steps on several more times when I returned to work. I had a near miss at the weekend and thought enough was enough time to put it in as they are clearly not interested in sorting it out! What I would like to know is; 1. Can work question me directly about the cla
  7. Hi, can anyone tell me if an employer can simply add letters or memos to your personal file as they wish as in the scenario below; Very busy receptionists working on tilling system put a credit card through as cash by accident, not a regular mistake individually but does happen now and again due to a flaw in the tilling program. They can take between 10 - 100 or more transactions under pretty busy periods. New manager decides rather than just speak to the people that have made a 'mistake' he wants a letter sending to them and copy in their PF. No formal process taken place or opport
  8. If someone has been completing a role of employment for 12 months with no break in service are they not in a position to request for the role to be made permanent? For arguments sake a worker in a warehouse moves to shop floor, does 12 months, no break in service, job is still needed to be completed, are they not in a position to ask for that job?
  9. All sorted now, due the above reasons and the fact that they are no longer in the posts they were trying to make redundant they have been removed from the list, I think that the unfair selection was the main reason for it. thanks for the help
  10. HI All. We are currently going through a redundancy period and some of the staff that have been identified on the threat register are a little confused. We operate 3 sports centres and as such have a very large central one and a smaller facility, however we also opererate a duel use facility. Within the risk register staff from the duel centre have been highlighted. However so have 2 other staff who were originally employed there but have since been re-deployed. 1 for 11 /12 months as a manager at the smaller one and the other as a supervisor at the larger one (3 months ago). B
  11. Hi, We are in a situation at the moment where our employer (local authrotity) is looking at making several staff redundant in order to make savings towards the goverment cut backs. Can they make people redundant and then force the jobs and responsibiities to other staff as they will still needed to be carried out? There is talk of one manager being made redundant and the job being shared between to lower level staff as this will most definately need to be done? Cheers
  12. so documenting things like meetings when the manager come to the office has a pop about a sitiuation that he is not happy with or any unsuported conversations are useless? I hate that they seem so clever and sly about it and as a employee you get screwed over and over again with little to no way to fight it. out of ear shot of other folk means freebie for them to do so then?
  13. Hi, What if its the manager you have a problem with and he is getting the full backing of his manager?
  14. Hi all, hope you are all well! Can I just ask, after reading the posts on the subject of recording meetings and the complex issues surrounding this, what is the point in keeping a diary of the problems you encounter at work and remarks that are said if they can be disputed as no physical evidence to support them? Does it become a pointless task or can they be used if so what should be contained in them? Cheers peeps :-)
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