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  1. Thanks. In my particular case, the query is whether or not they can deny check-in to one passenger to give others the time to check-in first. The only bit of the regulation that seems to apply to that is this: Am I reading that correctly? If so, I will highlight that when I write to them.
  2. Well, the plus is I now know my rights in terms of overbooking and what I would be entitled to should I ever be bumped in the future. I haven't yet contacted them but will write this week, simply stating facts and poiting out that I probably won't feel confident enough to book with them in the future and certainly wouldn't feel confident enough to recommend them. It's a pity, this was a direct flight and the only company that offers it. Any other option involves messy changes, either by plane or train, or a long drive. This direct flight would make weekend breaks possible, but not if there's risk they'll refuse to fly you back on Sunday. Having thought about it further, I wondered if was because as a lone traveller I'd be cheaper to conpensate (and easier to rebook) than a couple or a group. I don't know how the rules work though, and whether groups can be separated in cases of overbooking.
  3. I can't answer the question as I don't know the legal situation, but I was very nearly caught out like this myself - also with EJ. Checked in, through security, and departure boards showing an almost 2 hour delay. I was on the point of ordering a meal when the departure time suddenly flipped back to normal. I don''t understand how this happens.
  4. It also occurs to me that if I'd waited, as told, until check-in closed before going back to check, I'd have had no proof that I'd actualy tried to check-in earlier, and the airline might have been able to claim that I'd actually arrived too late. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
  5. Before I contact the airline, I would like to check something. I was booked to fly on a not busy route on a small aircraft. When I arrived at check-in, more than 2 hours before the flight, I was told I could not be checked in. There were still seats remaining on the flight at that time, but since it was overbooked I was told that I, having paid a discount price, would have to wait until check-.in officially closed then return to see if there were still seats available. Are they allowed to do this? To turn away a passenger with a valid ticket and booking, who turns up on time, in order to allow other passengers the chance to get there first? As it turned out, I spoke to customer services to ask why this had happened, and after a phone call to the check in desk (in a language I couldn't understand) i was allowed to check in and all ended well. However it makes me feel far less confident about booking again in case the same happens. had I waited as I was told to do rather than going directly to customer services, I may well have missed out on the flight. If anyone knows what EU (rather than UK) law says on this, I'd be grateful for the info.
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