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  1. Not sure what the legal issues with this is, but in my experience payday loan companies will settle for capital and 1 month interest.Cash Genie - when in court accepted this also...so I can only presume that if they are accepting at the Court stage thats what they think they are entitled too?
  2. Yeah def dnt pay them more....Cash Genie/Carter Forbes took me to court too....they wanted some silly amount. I offered Initial loan plus 1 month interest and they accepted it...do not offer anymore...they know they cant get it through the courts....sooner or later someone will do them for wasting the court time!!!And dnt worry about the Bulldog on the Carter Forbes website....he is harmless enuf...LOLOLOL
  3. Jane Blowers is just the person they use for all the court work. She may be employed by Carter Forbes. Either way not somebody that should worry you. Just make sure whatever happens you do not pay them more than capital + 1 month interest. When my court papers came I offered this and they accepted.
  4. Hey Guys,Thank you both for the replies. Got exactly what I needed with just two replies. Will get onto them and see if I can get them to change the mattress. 2.5 CM did seem a bit exxecessive so thanks for confirming that.I didnt pay by card...it was a credit agreement although the deposit was paid by card. Not sure if this helps?I will write the letter and send it to him and will post back here once I Have a response.Once again many thanks for the help guys
  5. Hi all,Hoping somebody may have some experience in dealing with dreams.I have had a Zen Refresh Mattress with a memory foam topper for about 7 weeks now and one side there is a horrible dip and it is very uncomfortable to sleep on at the moment. It basically does not return to shape.Dreams sent somebody around to look at it and he said that is normal and that you have to allow for dips of 3.5cm and this dip was only 2.5cm so it was withing the threshold and therefore nothing to repair.Problem is it is very uncomfortable and who decides these thresholds? What options do I have? Is it worth purs
  6. cash Genie offering repayment plans? No chance. These are the worst payday loan company.
  7. good luck with this....and once again I know from personal experience that they will accept capital + 1 month interest in court so do not back down
  8. I would defend it - offer to pay the original loan and interest ( prob 1 month only).....and they will settle....they did that with me...pay it within 1 month and you dnt even get CCJ....but make sure youi defend it properly, and dnt get lumbered with the £100 court fee either...
  9. There seems to be an increase in Cash Genie and Carter Forbes taking people to court....and update on this woukld help fellow Caggers
  10. yeah the absolute worst that can happen if they decide to take you to court is you will have to pay 1 month interest and the capital...Thats what happened to me....so defend defend defend...do not pay them any more than this....
  11. Yeah....never pay them any more than 1 month interest and the capital....even when they took me as far as getting a CCJ they will settle for this amount....
  12. Just a quick one - Does Daz arbon work for cashgenie or carter forbes?is he even a real person?
  13. Are Payplan a charity?Something is paying their bills - if they dnt charge you directly I am sure they make some money somewhere along the line....Unless they are a charity then they are making money somewhere - just saying it is a service you dnt need as what they do you can do yourself
  14. Hello Mate,Very sorry to hear about your situations but atleast now you can fix it bit by bit.First thing to remember is that ALL these loans are not first priority. They can tell you all they want that they are but they are not. The important things are taxes, rent and living costs.Once you have paid all of those whatever is left use that to pay these companies back.Sillygirl is right - get a halifax easycash account and use that from now. Leave nothing in your other account just in case because you can't afford to have these companies raid your account. Easycash account is good to get becaus
  15. what happend to Nickybee - started the threat and just disappeared after 3 posts.How did it work out for you?
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