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  1. Just had a letter with the return address on the back of the envelope and it's from Exeter City Council letting us know we're getting housing benefit. I'll phone them up on Monday and ask them what's going on.
  2. I'll save you the trouble (I've added spaces to the domain name to stop it turning into a link - don't want any backlinks) Domain name: c o m p e n s a t i o n c l a i m s . c o . u k Registrant: Paragon Ltd Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 5241653) Registrant's address: PO Box 163 Clitheroe Lancashire BB7 0DA United Kingdom Registrar: Paragon Ltd [Tag = BLUEROCK] URL: http://www.bluerockdesign.com Relevant dates: Registered on: 03-Dec-1998 Renewal date: 03-Dec-2012 Last updated: 08-Mar-2011 Registration status: Registered until ren
  3. I did actually reply "CLAIM" and I just had the woman on the phone hang up on me but not after I found out who they are. They are a company called "Compensation Claims" and their website is dot co dot uk. I'm not typing the URL in full as not to provide a link back to them. I've also just forwarded this onto the ICO.
  4. Awesome stuff - greatly appreciated Only hardware we've not managed to swap out is the router as I don't have a spare one. I'm going to replace the connectors in the box outside when I go around with some new jelly clips as the current ones do look a bit old. Fingers crossed...
  5. Thanks but we've already done all that, even had the router plugged directly into the test socket on the wall and the connection still drops randomly. I know it's not Windows as I've re-installed it after wiping the hard drive. Just wanting to know what procedure we should follow to try and get something done as he's losing out on many bids on eBay (he's an avid record collector) EDIT: Inside the property (or "on your property" as BT say) is slightly misleading as "your property" is everything AFTER the master socket. If it's the line coming in up to and including the master socket i
  6. Wow, 9 months later and not a single reply! I've only just found this post again so please excuse the late update. I wrote them a nice letter quoting the Sales of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act and they sent someone round for a chat and to take a look. He tried to treat me like I didn't know what was going on and after more phone calls to SWW they sent the contractors round to examine the meter. Contractors turned up, they told me they're hearing stuff like this a lot and when they dug up the meter they showed me the water and the leak - connectors on the pip
  7. Hi, A friend is with Post Office for his broadband and his line started dropping at random times for random lengths of time, often for hours. He was using one of those cheap phone cable extension sets so to eliminate this I wired in a dedicated extension line - I used to be an installation engineer so I know what I'm doing yet he's getting exactly the same. We've been on the phone to them several times and they've admitted they can see the line isn't synchronised when the connection drops yet they're refusing to do anything about it. The wiring in the street was replaced by
  8. Hi, I've come in here through Google while searching for the text content. I did search for the number I received the message from (07591 299555) and this must be a new number they're using as nothing found. I just spoke to a nice lady at the ICO and she told me they're aware and are currently investigating and to file a complaint. http://www.ico.gov.uk/complaints/privacy_and_electronic_communications.aspx If you received this as a text message you need this file: http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/privacy_and_electronic/forms/pecr_complaints_form.doc Dow
  9. ...and with it not being a debt or myself not even knowing the individual concerned I'll have no way of knowing whether it's been statute barred or not. I'm still no cleare on whether a debt that old can be chased or not - Mike thanks for your reply but I don't understand any of what you typed!
  10. Can a debt this old still be chased? I thought there was a deadline?
  11. They really are nothing to do with us and will definitely do as mentioned should we receive any more mail from them. I'm only worried about our belongings as my brother fell foul of another DCA many years ago and lost a lot of his belongings - lots of musical equipment. Someone in his band had debts, my brother's equipment was at their house and he lost everything. I opened the letter hoping to find a phone number to contact them on so I could tell them no-one by that name lives here or has (as far as I'm aware) although I did check Google and found someone with that name living near
  12. We've lived in this cottage about 18 months now. When we first moved in we had letters from DLC for various people (some were the previous tenants) and they stopped. Just had a letter arrive from them for someone completely different and the amount owed is very large. Is there any way we can get them to stop sending us letters for all these people? If anything it's just plain annoying and not wanting things to go missing for someone else's debt. The other thing I'm wondering about is this debt dates back to 2001 - isn't there a cut-off point when debts can no longer be chas
  13. I sincerely hope so. All I've heard of so far is that details of thousands of customers from Sky have been made publically available online. From reading these emails myself it's also BT, O2, BeThere and PlusNet and I've only just started looking. As well as names, addresses and phone numbers there's also full credit card details including the 3 digit security number on the back.
  14. I downloaded this lot last night and have been going through it all. I found one PDF of a scanned document containing full credit card details of one victim of ACS:Law. So far the cases I've seen are incredible. One 69yr old gent while away on a family holiday has downloaded porn at home - according to ACS:Law. You couldn't make this all up! It's not only Sky customers but it's also BeThere, PlusNet, O2 and more. Oh, it's also not 350MB as everyone is saying - that's the size of the RAR file. It's actually 750MB.
  15. I love to waste their time if I get callers like that. Pretend to be so thick you make a plank of wood look like a computer. It's amazing how far you can actually go with them before they get bored. They're concentrated so much on your money that "hang on, is this a wind up?" doesn't enter their minds. More time I can keep them on the phone the less chance someone has of being scammed.
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