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  1. Hi today I recieved a court claim for an old credit card debt Could you have a look at this agreement and let me know you thoughts? I'm just starting out with this, No defence sent and recieved this CA thorugh the standard request. http://i681.photobucket.com/albums/vv174/gazzasaki/creditagrrement1.jpg" I have removed my details from this, but it clearly is unreadable
  2. I will go through the statements and tot up all the charges. How do i force them to supply me the DN and anything else that I need? The hearing is on the 11th October, can I delay this?
  3. thanks for all the help.. it does make me feel better. I did request all the statments, NOA, DN, and credit agreement on the CPR 31.14 request. I recieved a Credit agreement that looks enforcable, statments, and some transcripts on NOA. I'm trying to locate a scanner to get the agreement up here for you all to look at, although it does look ok to me. Does anyone know if DCA normally go for a warrent of execusion if they dont accept the installment offer, or do they prefer a charging order? this really is dragging me down at the moment, i just want the best possible outcome even if th
  4. Hi I'm feeling really worried at the moment. I have been dealing with a DCA over a credit card debt that is over 10k. They have issued cort proceedings against me, I sent the embarrassed defence off and the case was stayed. I recieved a copy of the credit agreement and some statments of the transactions. The credit agreement looks enforcable. I never recal recieving a default notice for this credit card, and they have never produced one. I have SAR the original lender and they refuse to give me the information without a signiture. Things have turned really worrying now, I have j
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