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  1. I know this is a bit late but I had £450 worth of vouchers from Currys, I asked them to price match ( their tv was £799, richer sounds was £649). The woman serving me wasn't happy at all but did process it in the end, she did ring richer sounds to check they had a tv in stock which I knew they did as I rang them earlier. So I had a new, better tv (my old one was 30 months old with no warranty) for £200 , happy days.
  2. I'd contact Hotpoint to see if they will repair it as a goodwill gesture ( doubt if they will but worth a phone call ) Failing that contact Next* and ask to make an out of warranty claim due to it only being 19 months old. *It's covered under the sale of goods act. http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/after_you_buy/know-your-rights/SGAknowyourrights/
  3. Just got off phone with Currys, because they have had the tv twice and no report was given they are going to send me £500 of vouchers plus my £60 back. Although the tv cost £800 i'm quite happy with that as i can get a bigger and better one for £600 , so a good result in the end. Oh, and i get to keep the tv which is fine for the Xbox Thanks for all your help.
  4. I have just sent him a Pm
  5. It has come back worse than ever !! Will be requesting a new Tv tomorrow. And no report again either.
  6. Thanks for that, i've had a bill from Talk Talk i don't owe.
  7. I'm going through the same thing at the moment ( Samsung screen bleed) I phoned customer services and said I wanted to put in an out of warranty claim, you have to pay £60 for them to pick it up and check it. My Tv is coming back ( 2nd time ) in the morning so i'll see if they've fixed it. Here's my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?274210-Samsung-screen-bleed
  8. Tv coming back tomorrow, will post back when i know wht they've done.
  9. I was with Tiscali before it was taken over by Talk Talk, we had Sky so thought it would be easier to have everything on the same bill. I contacted Tiscali and got a Mac code off them in October 2009 and joined sky broadband ( much faster and better) in November 2009. A couple of months later i got a bill from Talk Talk ( they were still charging me 3 months on) . I contacted them and emailed them the letter with the Mac code and my confirmation with sky, I had no reply so assumed it was finished, until I had a letter from SRJ Pay. I phoned them and told them the situation but am still having letters from them.
  10. Tv picked up again friday, I don't think they did a report. It was actually worse when they brought it back, will wait and see what they have to say this time.
  11. It's ok, sussed it out now ( I think ) She gets £5366.68 plus they credit the loan account with the original PPI cost ( £3503.73 ) So my mum will be £1400 in credit on her loan account if i'm correct.
  12. Got first payment of £4297.50 today ( that was quick) Still baffled on what they are doing tho. If they put in £3503.73 into the loan account and the balance is £2100 approx then it would be £1400 in credit, then they take out £4297.50 . Does that mean there's £2,800-ish outstanding ? Because that would mean my mum owes more on the outstanding balance. Just don't understand how they are doing it.
  13. Got a query about the letter, can't quite work out what they're doing. 1. £4297.50 - This is the amount i have calculated that you paid for the policy during the period that the policy was active. 2. £1068.88 - This is an additional payment of 8% simple interest which we have calculated on the amount that you paid for the policy during the period it was active. Your refund has been calculated in two seperate amounts. £3503.73 will be paid directly to your loan account in order to cancel the policy. This means you will not make any future payments for the policy. A few days later we will take £4297.50 from your loan account and pay it into your current account. The 8% simple interest payment will be paid directly to your current account. What we don't get is they are paying in to the loan account less than they are taking out, does this mean that the outstanding amount will be more now ? Sorry if i'm being thick. Edit : There is around £2100 outstanding on the loan.
  14. Apologies if posted twice. Got a letter today with the final settlement figures. 1. £4297.50 Actual payments made ( this must include interest ) 2. £1068.88 @ 8% simple interest Total £ 5366.68 So a good result in the end. Will contribute as soon as it's paid ( up to 21 days) Thanks for all your help.
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